Friday, January 24, 2014

what's making me happy right now

  • Gold glittery nail polish

    I got it in my stocking for Christmas and I love it. I've never been one to paint my nails much, I don't like the attention it draws to my very utilitarian hands. But I love this polish, I'm actually considering buying a few more of the same color so I don't run out for a while. :) I get comments from strangers, that's how happy it is!
  • My husband.

    I made this soup last night. I made it before he came home because had he seen any of the preparations for it, he would have had cereal. But I had a feeling, especially if I added a bit of rosemary, that he wouldn't even suspect that it was cauliflower based. And he didn't. Until Ethan, who had peeked at the simmer pot (even though I told him not to...) said, "Are you going to tell him what's in it?" I told Ethan no, I wasn't and he needed to not as well.

    This morning, as we were saying our goodbyes, I told him thank you for taking such good care of our family. He said, "Thank you for taking such good care of me, and feeding me healthy soups that you'd better never tell me what was actually in it, because I liked and and if I knew, I'd probably never eat it again." How can I not love that kind of recognition of truth? He's perfect for me.
  • My son.

    Even though he was in hot water for spilling that the soup was full of cauliflower, he told me after he'd peeked that he decided he was going to eat the soup anyway to make me happy.

    And he's an Eagle Scout as of Sunday night. I'm very proud of him!
  • My daughter.

    Having her away from our family has been hard, but texting her goodnight has become a sweet thing, especially when she is there and can answer right back. And ask for recipes of Curried Chicken Noodle Soup, because there might be a boy she'd like to make it for, because he's sick and he likes curry.

  • Gold frames.

    I made this earlier this week and it just makes me happy. It's going to be in my bathroom because I need to remember this every day. This year is about building my foundations. This will help.
And there you have a few things that are making me happy right now.