Wednesday, June 3, 2015

enjoying summer

A quick recap on my life.

I taught seminary for my church this past year. That meant getting up at 5 every weekday morning and learning about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the high school kids in my church. It was the best. It was hard, but like I saw on Pinterest, "If it's not challenging, it won't change you." So very true. We wrapped up a year of studying the Doctrine and Covenants, a book of scripture from the early years of our church. It's beautiful because it's the Lord speaking to His people. Encouraging them, teaching them, chastising them when needed, but most importantly, loving them. It was a good year. And now I'm having a hard time sleeping past 5. :) But I'll adjust.

Annie's doing great. She's still a missionary in Frankfurt. She's growing, learning, trusting, praying, and being formed into who the Lord needs her to be.

Ethan's doing great. He finished his Junior year in really fine style. He's really grown up this year, doing a lot of things without being asked. My favorite thing? He still tells me I'm the best mommy ever. I'm enjoying having him around. :)

Kelly is doing great too. He got released as Bishop of our congregation a week ago. He served for five years. It was a blessing for our family. He's enjoying not doing anything, but that will change very soon I'm sure. It's been nice to have him around more. We're doing a lot of yard work now.

Oh, and he's started eating spinach. He said he was wrong about it his whole life. He was thinking of Popeye version of spinach. I introduced him to fresh. Yah!

Here are my projects with the June Cocoa Daisy kit, Let's Go. I loved how varied this kit was, I have pink and turquoise and red and yellow. But somehow, it all works together so very nicely.

For my friend MK. Writing 50 things you love about someone is a good exercise, you should try it today.

Because reddish pink and charcoal grey go well together. Add some feathers, and life is good.

I think the triangle paper may be some of my most favorite ever. And this layout isn't about washing a car. :)

Here's the kit. It's a good one. All in all, it's just like life. It's good. :) I can't complain. Wouldn't want to anyway.