Thursday, October 4, 2007

i'm trying to do a layout a day

and this is what i've come up with so far. day one. above--for my daughter--i've been going through old pictures of myself, thinking how dorky i looked. i see this gorgeous picture of her on the first day of school and i hope she'll see it in the future. she knows she's beautiful now, not in a snotty way, she's just a lot more self confident than i felt. my mom would probably disagree with me :). that's what mom's are supposed to do. oh, i did this for the journaling challenge last week...
day 2: for the pub ad challenge and the journaling challenge to journal on a curve. very fun. i was so happy to realize the little green growth was a flower, not a weed. i love it when God sends you sweet little surprises like this.

and my cute boy for day 3. we were driving colorado's peak to peak highway this weekend and would get out to take pictures every so often. i got this picture just before he and the kids started doing silly model poses--another layout in itself--i love this picture. and the quote is perfect. i really don't listen to snow patrol. i'm not into that cool music scene like so many are, but i did find this song on someone's blog and really fell in love with it. awesome song. perfect for this page. oh i stamped my own background for the method playground challenge--used a water bottle mouth and a screw head. VERY cool results. i tried stamping the date, but me and the stamp weren't getting along. looks wonky.

and for today, day 4 another picture from this weekend. kelly was getting ready to take a family picture and i was waiting. he snapped this one and for some reason, i'm intrigued by it. i love how unaware, unposed, and peaceful i look. i love how small in relation to my surroundings i look. i did this for the HMITM challenge #53. also over at studio calico, a challenge to lift something from the gallery there...

so now i need to be working on tomorrow's masterpiece. but instead, i'm updating my blog. aren't i nice?


Kimber-Leigh said...

i love that last layout with the picture of you! so vibrant!!!

Anilu Magloire said...

So coll that you've joined us here in blogland, Em!!

I am a big fan of your pages. I love the curved journaing one!!

casey boyd said...

Emily I don't even know where to start with these layouts, the are amazing.
Love the perfect eyes, with you background creation - too cool!!
And the journaling on a curve, love it too.
Glad to see you have a've been holding out for a couple weeks:)!

scrapcat said...

welcome to blogland!
love all your layouts esp. the HMITM one ;)

and yes your daughter is beautiful!
cute glasses!

Barb said...

So, holy man. I don't even know where to start.

1. So glad you're blogging.

2. Totally love the background paper on that second LO and how you used it for your design.

3. The picture cut in squares with the tree is AMAZING!

rachel carlson said...

LOVE these layouts! SO excited that you have a bloggy em! will love to keep up with you. and thanks for switching comments to those over on the dark side - hee, hee! hugs, rach

Waleska said...

wowy! I'm so glad you decided to start a blog! awesome job with all these layouts! the picture on the last one is AMAZING!! :)