Wednesday, January 9, 2008

catching up with the random thoughts

very happy with how these two turned out. and with how fast they came together. i like not having to redesign the layouts for this album, i just move elements around and voila! a new look. love that! i took both photos previous to my daily random thoughts, the lettuce shot was a few months ago. why i took a photo of lettuce soaking in the sink, you ask? it looked cool and my macro lens captured it perfectly. the texture was too irresistible not to photograph. and now i'm glad i did. as i was getting another head of lettuce ready for it's soaking bath, i remembered i had that cool picture. bingo, a layout!

my scanner isn't working today. i downloaded a driver for leopard and now it won't open the scanner. so sad. so the pictures aren't the best, it's a grey and snowy day here in denver. hopefully kelly can fix the scanning issue. he's really good at that!


Vivian said...

Emily + Buttons = Amazing! (Already told you about the lettuce one via email.)

AK2CO Girl said...

what a great lo to high'light' your beautiful tree. I just took mine down yesterday and the living room looks so empty.