Saturday, January 26, 2008

good saturday

kelly and i played racquetball last night for our date night. i slept GOOD. it was really hard to get up this morning, but annie had her first church basketball game at nine, so we had to get going for that. the girls did so well, they didn't win, but they worked so hard. it was a fun game to watch, and they only lost by 12 points. having all pretty young girls on the team and no real "athlete," they did really well. kept the other team to just 22 points, and they had a couple of amazing girls on their side.

we ran into kelly's office for a bit and then had lunch and a nap. :) and then went shopping for food stuff. got some cleaning in as well. it was a good day.

we have set up a new cleaning system. everyone has a couple of areas of the house to clean every week. it went well this week, crossing our fingers it keeps working.

here's a couple more layouts, i'm now only 4 days behind in creating.




Debi said...

LOVE the sunshine layout, Emily!
What a cool photo :)

Barb said...

Hmmmm. Your date nights are much more active than ours. We usually just go to the movies!

Love the newest creations.

Vivian said...

Love these both! The orange one made me giggle, and the photo on the sunshine one is fab!

Lisa Dickinson said...

totally loving the sunshine page. Just makes me smile.

and your cleaning system sounds much more efficient than mine. I'm in the "wait-til-its-disgustingly-dirty-and-then -spend-two-solid-days-cleaning" camp. :P


rachel carlson said...

ah YES, the sun is shining, great way to celebrate it with this layout. the orange is perfect. have a great week! hugs, rach

Heather said...

Orange is your favorite color? Really? ;-) *smooch* Good on ya for the cleaning system! I had the boys help with chores today and it was lovely. :-)

casey boyd said...

another couple great layouts, I love the mix of pp on the sunshine layout!