Sunday, March 2, 2008

from this to this

yesterday it was 78 degrees. we spent the day at barr lake state park. we decided that we need to buy a canoe and learn how to use it. we walked along the denver/hudson canal and couldn't think of a catchy tune to accompany it, doesn't have the same ring as

I've got a mule, her name is Sal,
15 miles on the Denver/Hudson Canal
She's a good old worker and a good old pal,
15 miles on the Denver/Hudson Canal

we tried to see owls and eagles nesting, but realized we really didn't want to try and climb the mighty cottonwoods and see. so we just trusted the naturalists that there were new eggs in those nests we saw. we did see some young bald eagles. they were too far away to cause much excitement with the kids.

kelly and ethan washed the car.

here's a picture of ethan walking along the canal:

this is what we woke up to:

now it's blowing snow as well.


Natasja said...

how is that for a weather change!!

Vivian said...

Yeah, I don't deal well with these dramatic weather changes! I am glad we spent the better part of yesterday outdoors given the freezing awfulness of today!

Lisa Dickinson said...

crazy crazy weather! i was breaking out the shorts Saturday and even considered shaving my legs! Thank goodness I didn't - I need the extra fur to stay warm now! :)

Mary Kay said...

I was exclaiming over the weather extremes, but Jon assures me that it is 100% normal for Denver.

Whatever. I'm ready for Spring!

Celeste said...

tagged ya. see my blog!

Heather said...

you've just got to love colorado, right? ;-) ohmigosh, and Lisa's comment ROFL!! I have to totally agree... ;-)

rachel carlson said...

i'm SO ready for spring it hurts! if someone ELSE tells me that march is the snowiest month of the year, i'm going to smack them! i know it is but come on already! hugs, rach