Tuesday, April 29, 2008

what can you do in 10 minutes?

hopefully i can update my blog :)

nope, that didn't happen. we'll try again.

well the piano recital went BEAUTIFULLY! even better than i had expected, isn't that bad? :) i didn't start some of the kids working on their songs until a few weeks before saturday, but maybe that's what they need... this time i interspersed the more advanced with the beginners and it was really pleasant. usually i'll start with the beginners and work all the way up to the most advanced student. then i'll end with me. this time, because i have about half and half, i think it was much more enjoyable to have the mix.

i have each student introduce themselves and their pieces. the week before the recital i have two group lessons where we do a mock recital so they can learn how to say the composer's name and how to present themselves through out. it's one of my favorite parts of teaching. the kids love it.

anyway, my annie was playing two pieces. i stood up after she was done with the first piece and started telling the families about my newest students and how they were probably nervous so i was going to help introduce this next one (she wasn't sure of the pronunciation of one of the composers). everyone was smiling really big when one of the moms said, "emily, annie's still got another piece to play!" RED FACE! i turn around and annie's looking confused but patient. everyone laughs, i sit down and let annie play her second piece (BEAUTIFULLY, i might add). then i let the new student introduce herself and i slink over to the piano to accompany her on a duet. it did break the tension though, so i took one for the team. :)

i had one adult play for the first time. it was pretty cool to see her be so composed and make it through gracefully. makes me feel very proud. next time i hope i'll have the other 3 adults there as well. one was going to play but he had a family emergency. it was too bad because he was really prepared with some gorgeous songs. 'conversation' by sartorio and 'gavotte' by carr. oh well, next time he'll be playing clementi!

we had a mini awards ceremony to present my festival winners with their certificates. i was hesitant to not give awards to some of my kids, but kelly suggested i turn it into a privilege that the younger kids want. talking to two of them today, that's exactly what it did for them. they are EXCITED to start preparing for festival next year. one was already planning what she wanted to play, and was amazed that she might be past 'twinkle twinkle' by the time festival rolled around. cute.

we always end with light refreshments. i always bring little smokies in bbq sauce and mini quiches. oh and the lemonade. my standards. no prep, just a stop at sam's club. love that. everyone else brings something to share. i think they enjoy it, one mom told me she had already planned what she was bringing to the next recital.

this is my third recital here in colorado, i do them twice a year. i really think the families enjoy it.

i leave you with a picture from monday. ethan has turned into a little chef. we had some new friends over for dinner on sunday and she brought this dessert. we had the missionaries from our church over for dinner on monday and annie thought this would be a great dessert for that as well. so i was putting it together and ethan begged to finish the assembly. he put the strawberries on the top and i told him he could put more around the bottom. i looked over and he'd decorated the entire cake with a beautiful amount of precision. he's really cute.

i've got so much more to say tonight, but i'll leave that for another post. it will give me an excuse to update sooner. :)

p.s. you can go to the simple studio blog and vote for my layout to be in the sept/october readers' gallery if you want :) you've got until the end of business wednesday.


Celeste said...

i voted - love that you updated.
you make me want to take piano lessons.

Nicole Eshelman said...

i voted too Emily!!! :)

Mary Kay said...

I didn't make it in time to vote (sorry) but I don't think you needed me! I didn't count, but it was looking good for your feat!

Houston said...

Oh Em, I am so sorry, I didn't get a chance to blog hop yesterday, so I didn't get to vote:(

I so glad the recital was wonderful! I didn't know that you taught adults as well, I will have to remember that!

*Paula* said...

yaay for successes! I voted even before you asked cause I'm good like that. :)

Heather said...

move over Wolfgang Puck! :-) So glad your recital went well, too!