Wednesday, April 2, 2008

you learn something everyday

this would be a good day to do that journaling challenge i hosted a couple of weeks ago. duck and i were chatting on line and she asked what my status of "unknown" meant. the conversation went like this:

1:49 PM arle: why is your status unknown?

1:51 PM me: i thought it was funny. that's why :)

1:52 PM arle: non sequitur

me: i still don't use that correctly. i can't cram the definition into my compartment
for definitions.

arle: it means "does not follow"
1:53 PM it's something that's "out of left field" or "random"
you sort of do it a lot because you remember a lot of private joke and inside info
and you refer to them without explanation

1:54 PM me: thank you. but how do you use the phrase? i was in your gallery today. B-)

arle: don't use the phrase just do it
I saw that, thanks for looking

1:55 PM me: you're welcome. i'm not sure why i just don't go there everyday. i'd stay caught up that way.

1:56 PM arle: I seem to do more pages sat / sun / mon because that's when tom's home and he plays with dylan. but I got a lot done this week. I already did my page for the next challenge.

1:57 PM me: wow. you are good. not to harp on a subject, but julie and i say, "your mom" to each other for no reason at all. how would you use non sequitur in that situation.

1:58 PM arle: that was a non sequitor
I use it as a noun or an adjective
because it's latin, who knows
non seckwitter

1:59 PM me: merriam webster says noun. i need to learn how to use it. it's such a cool word, you sound smart using it. but then again, you are smart.

arle: it's all an act. I photoshopped extra brains

click on pronounciation

arle: sequitur I keep spelling it wrongly

me: yah right!
you are smart.

arle: yep non seckwitter
2:00 PM it's like saying hey I made a pun
that was a non sequitur
but as soon as you try to do it, it almost doesn't count, nyet?

2:01 PM me: sha

arle: it has come to mean, that it's not just random, but it's hilarious in its randomness
so as soon as you try to do it, then it's not as random
we used to call anything good "lunch"

me: i like that. :)

arle: after a while "lunch" was just an adjective for anything good, like you would say "cool" or "great"
we'd say "lunch!"

2:02 PM me: so if i praise your next layout and say this is so lunch, i'm using a non sequitur?

arle: well you and I are sandwich people, we dig lunch
lol yeah I guess so

me: i went to udi's stapleton yesterday after my echo. yum.

arleigh: it would be better if you simply posted "lunch"
nothing else
that would truly be a "does not follow" statement

2:03 PM me: because no one else would get it?

arle: partly
it's the absurdity that makes it funny

me: it's all becoming clear.
i think this is my next blog entry. i'm just going to cut and paste.

do you see the lightbulb going off in my head? duck and i have had this same conversation before, via email, i looked it up and promptly forgot. but finally today, i'm thinking i'm starting to get it. i so desperately want to use the term non sequitur correctly. i want to sound smart. i think if i keep trying, i may get there eventually.

so i think i need to do that layout tonight.


rachel carlson said...

LUNCH! you two quack me up (pun intended) - hee, hee!

Houston said...

What random lunchness!

*Paula* said...

dangit I wanted to say lunch. Bananas.

Heather said...



ducky said...

I'm glad I could be of service. you'll be getting a bill in the mail next week.

ducky said...

get it?




Tara Whalen said...

Totally lunch, dude!

Etta said...

Ok, that whole thing was a non sequitur to me.

French fries.

moonlightgrrl said...

i got great amusement from reading that. thanks for making me smile, emily!