Friday, May 16, 2008

the secret to losing weight

is to not eat.

but since i just can't give that up, i've really been trying to cook more at home. this is a big challenge for me because i LOVE it when someone else cooks for me. who doesn't? (especially chipotle or udi's) but when i was first diagnosed with my heart disease 8 years ago, the thing that i think helped me lose weight so quickly was i didn't go out to eat for 6 months. food prepared by a restaurant became the enemy because i didn't know how much salt was really in something. i walked a lot at the rehab center too. and ate a lot of carrot salad. which incidentally i LOVE. so the last couple of months, i've really been careful when i go out (TGIFriday's has an amazing menu of healthy portions i just discovered. and the food is GOOD on top of it.)

and you know when i started posting about walking to school with e and trying to get 10,000 steps in on the pedometer, right? well, i was hoping that all that good walking would help those numbers on the scales move. it didn't. for a month and a half.

but this morning i weighed myself and ladies and gentlemen (OK, i'm pretty sure no guys ever read my blog, but it sounds official this way), i have seen a number on the scale that i haven't seen for a good year. yes. i think it's those extra two miles. and eating mostly at home i know also helps. 10 pounds. :)

annie was just telling ethan last night that only a really good writer can get away with starting a sentence with the words "and" and "but." dang, i must be really good! :)

i've got so much to blog about, i really should blog everyday, but i don't... i still need to do my influences post. i've been all warm and fuzzy reading how much my friends love me. i need to return the favor.

but now i need to go shower because i'm sweaty. i'll leave you with a card i made, the background paper is october afternoon's county fair line and the stamps are their halloween series, isn't that cat cute? and the phrase cracks me up. the moon is my minds eye and the fence is some recycled paper i have no idea who makes it. i'm quite proud because as you may know, cards don't come easy to me.


Janet O. said...

Ohhhh man. I am the same way. I started dropping pounds when my summer schedule kicked in and I wasn't tempted by Chipotle twice a week - but then I ate it last night. Bad me.

Kendra said...

But, yes, you should blog every day!

And, congrats on the weight loss!!

And, that is one awesome card. But, I'm card impaired too.

How'd I do?

Vivian said...

Fun card! Your way of losing weight is better than mine. Being sick and stressed out works, but it's not so healthy! ;)

*Paula* said...

Awesome! Go Emily!!

duck! said...

and I've never eaten your cooking? hmm. like your card. bzgodrl

ricanlaw said...

Good for you girl for taking the steps. The card, very very cute indeed.

Candice said...

Okay, your walking totally inspires me. Not only have I gained this year, but I really think I'm grumpier because of the lack of it. Plus the eating out thing. Plus getting to bed late. Man. :)

Cute card!

Heather said...

um...that card is going to be in a magazine. you did submit it, right??? oh and.... YOU GO GIRL!!! :-)

Debby said...

I love your card. I struggle myself. You did very well.

I've been cleaning my studio and was able to get out some of the CHA packed away papers out and lo and behond I have a stack of October Afternoon. I can't wait to use them.

Houston said...

Oooh, great card! I only wish that I could say that I take care of myself in the same way that you do. I have to say it's inspiring to read about your success.

Erin said...

good for you Em!
I've discovered that a stomach virus that lasts for weeks is a good way to lose weight too....not that I'd recommend it!

Dondrea said...

Awesome card!!! Cheers to you for getting healthy!