Thursday, July 24, 2008

i offer you my post, long overdue.

wednesday morning, i conversed with my friend candice. she enlightened me on the subject of blog readability; in other words, at what level of skill your writing falls into when run through a website called critic's rant. i ran my blog through the system, and fair readers, you have been reading at a high school level, which i really must say is unacceptable, being that i spend five years getting my college education. i find it even more disturbing when i run another not-to-be-named friend's blog, and she ended up with a genius rating. i am not jealous, or anything, but it makes me feel a little inferior. candice, you were right, there's a little "na, na, na, i'm smarter than you are" in this particular tool.

in an attempt to raise the readability of my blog from high school level to that of genius, i will write in the most high brow language i can muster, without using the term "one" to describe myself. i did learn that in english writing class! perchance, my writing fails to increase my readability score, i promise to go back to my previous casual style immediately.

i promise you i'll commence my cha recapitulation sometime soon after my second time through the readabililty test.

good day to all.



Celeste said...

in the business world, we are schooled in writing at a high school level - it's an art actually. :P

Candice said...
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Candice said...

& Wendy's is genius. hmpf. My brother recently regressed from genius to grad school. hahaha.


Ann said...

Well, Emily, I won't even tell you what I scored. Yikes. Oh well, I know what my worst subjects were in school. . . and this just proves the point!
Looks like you had fun in Chicago! We had a blast there a few years ago. The post for that will appear soon.

Rosy said...

If it makes you feel any better, mine was Jr. High level...I suppose I should have heeded your warning about inferiority issues. :D

Heather said...

elementary school. yup. i suck. :-P