Thursday, August 21, 2008

ouch, two weeks?

has it really been that long since i updated? i am so sorry for the lapse. a trip to seattle and back to school chaos will be the culprits. i suppose not having anything terribly witty to say also adds to my deliquency. when i read blogs like this one, i think, "there is no way to top this. i will never be able to put my life into sentences so well constructed." but i will put aside my doubt and just start telling you what's on my mind. because you're here reading my blog, so you must care somewhat :) unless you've found my blog doing a search for october afternoon's new paper (over 50% of the keyword searches that find my blog are for october afternoon...), then you might not care about what's on my mind. and for you, i do actually have a layout using weathervane. aren't i so accommodating today? :)

so i've been thinking about time management and organization a lot lately. it's the back to school frame of mind. right now, i'm working on 3 different layouts, planning on writing 3 thank you notes, really needing to clean my scrap space, trying to get my piano students back on track with their practicing (summer always wrecks havoc on practicing in my studio, why?), mulling over 2 more layouts i need to complete by tomorrow that have paper but no pictures or stories, trying to get back in the exercise mode (did it today, yay me!), finding the desire to make delicious meals, fitting in scripture reading (on the treadmill today, yay me again!), cleaning parts of the house that aren't familiar with the term due to lack of exposure, fighting the urge to totally give up paper scrapping because i have found digital, fighting the urge to go to designer digitals and look at the frames that are on sale today (thank you paula), planning submissions, remembering to call my friend who's been sick, getting my prescriptions on the 3 month plan instead of the every month plan, remembering to schedule ethan's assessment on the calendar, and a few other things.

in doing some "oops, i guess really do need this" school supply shopping with the kids, i found myself a cute little notebook at staples on tuesday night, 6x9 to be exact. it touts itself as eco-friendly. i don't know how much of that claim is true, but it's covered in kraft paper and if that's as far as i got, can you blame me? i mean really, how cute is a kraft covered notebook? i couldn't resist. i will alter said cute kraft notebook, i will put my weekly to do list inside, then follow that with daily to dos. i know it works, i've done it before. i just stopped doing it. i think it will really assist me to actually do all the things that have been running around in my brain lately. i think it will help me get organized. and although i've long prided myself with the fact that i DON'T NEED a daily planner, i've begun to notice i'm letting a few things slip. i am starting to be {gasp} forgetful. and that must not be, so i'll let you know how this goes. and i'll take a picture of the really cute kraft notebook once it's altered. i need to start using it today, i've already forgotten something :)

and i'm hoping this form of organization will bleed into other parts of my life. i so relish the feeling of being in control and lately, i've been missing that feeling. i want it back!

i have finished a layout about my mom. it's really not about her, there wasn't a lot to say, but i loved these pictures, i loved these papers, and many hours later, i'm happy with this layout. mostly october afternoon's weathervane line, with some of their stamps, and a bit of AC to finish it off. i'm almost done with another one using their night light line. so cute. i'll post it tomorrow.

i won't give up paper etta, i promise.


Etta said...

I will be devastated if you quit paper scrappin'. Really.

*Paula* said...

you are welcome Mle :) I'm with you on the lists. Must get organized.

Word verif is: gotxh

Julie said...

Yes, your mom is absolutely one of the cutest people I know! I started using a planner last year again. Sadly, I still forget things from time to time.

Kendra said...

Well I'm completely flattered. Most times I hit that PUBLISH button and think, "Maybe I should have kept all that in my head." Glad to know someone (someone with a college level blog at that) appreciates it!

I'm with Etta. Although I love your digital stuff, I'd sure miss your paper pages.

Welcome back to the world of planner-toting women. : )

Vivian said...

Repeat after me: I love paper, I love paper, I love paper...

Rachel Carlson said...

i love paper BUT digital is fun too, really it is (that's for you viv) - tee, hee! em, this is a sweet layout. vintage in style too. hugs, rach

Heather said...

seriously. you can't give up paper. cropping together wouldn't be quite as much fun. :-)