Wednesday, August 6, 2008

who i met

you'll have to forgive me if i forget that i met you at CHA, if i didn't get a picture of you, i forget a little too quickly. that's why i scrapbook.

so without further ado, who i met or saw again at CHA:

mk, the reason i got to go to the show this time around. she lets us get in on her store pass if we do make and takes and get catalogs. she's the most wonderful friend. we flew out and home together and had lovely conversations. she makes me think about why i believe what i believe. i really appreciate her for that.

my other two favorite denverites who also came with mk, i didn't get pictures of somehow. so pretend you see houston and christyn here. i'm really sorry girls. i did get a picture of rachel. that's for later.

this is nicole harper. she is my studio calico buddy turned google chat comrade. we have the unique ability to be insecure and questioning of our abilities at the exact opposite times. so we can buoy each other up when we are down and think we can't really scrap well. it's kind of funny. i am her flip, she is my flop. i'm so happy to have made her acquaintance.

my roommate christine from canada. we had to check her out clandestinely to make sure she wasn't some rabble rouser who would stay up late and deprive us of our precious sleep. she's so far from that. she's wonderful. i'm totally impressed and amazed at her drive and determination. she was a VIP guest for good reason. and she taught me lots of cool things about canada. and i don't think she said "eh" once!

aly d, my friend who i'm learning has lot in common with me. our husbands attended the same scientific conference, she spent summers in a town just 30 minutes from where i grew up. we go to the same church, just she's in alabama, i'm in denver. it's kind of cool. we got the pleasure of her company for a good portion of the weekend.

debbie hodge is the nicest, most sincere lady ever. she graciously gave me a copy of her wonderful book. it was really cool to actually meet her after hearing so many good things about her from paula.

finally. i finally got to meet janet o. it took us a whole year, but we managed to finally connect. i was walking over to the ck media booth, i knew janet was coming to the show, i just thought it would be later in the day. but i saw this woman and i kept looking, thinking she looked a lot like janet. and what do you know? it was! i was overjoyed. so much fun to finally get to hug this hilarious lady.

is it bad to admit you like someone because of what they've named their kids? i've followed marni flores through the years and just sighed at her cool kid names. i mean come on, nigel? poppy? and baby flores is escaping me. it's late. but i love funky names for kids, and so immediately marni had won my unconditional friendship. then she recognized me, and well, it was over from there. you see her shirt? stazOn. yep, she made it. great story :)

angie and megan. i'm not going to try an brown nose. but aren't they cute? i found out megan's been emailing others. i thought we had an exclusive relationship. i'm crushed. and it was nice to be able to talk to angie and wendy before the show got going and not feel totally dorky, i'm getting over my editor wonder phase. they really are just nice ladies who happen to have a lot of power. it was nice not to feel like i was making a TOTAL dork out of myself when talking to them this time around.

i'm going to end this post, i promise to add more later. but i'm sleepy. so i'll end with celeste and wendy. i got some REALLY funny pictures of celeste this show. she thinks i'm going to post them all on the web to embarrass her. i won't, i'm just going to do a layout and hopefully get it published. that's even better. :) love celeste. love wendy. ok i don't really know wendy all that well, but i'm sure we'd be great friends if given the chance. next time i'm in utah, she said we'd do lunch and a tour of the simple digs. can't ask for more than that...

i have a good number of pictures left. don't worry if you haven't seen yours yet. :)


*Paula* said...

crack me up! sorry to crush your idea of an exclusive relationship with Megan. Who else were you there with? Did your shadow come?????? Someone small and Irish perhaps? (pretend you see me looking at you quizzically)

em said...

I wish I would have gotten to hang out with you more at CHA! :) (And I don't think you have any photos of me, but if you do, feel NO pressure to post them because I'm sure I look terrible!)

Anonymous said...

LOL, one of the first things I was asked when I got home was: 'you didn't say 'eh' the whole time did you??'.
I don't say it alot anyway, so I'm not sure why I was asked that.
I had a blast with you and Paula!!
I miss you guys!!


Aly D said...

you got some great shots! and that's one fab layout of miss paula. i had a blast and you're one awesome chick!! hope to see you again soon even if we're on opposite ends of the country. =)

Janet O. said...

YOW, I am so not photogenic! However, I AM very flattered at what you wrote...sniff, sniff! It was fantastic meeting you too, and I am so glad you guys let me tag along w/you!

Rachel Carlson said...

some great photos em! but as i recall, is that picture of me FULL of glitter - ACK! have missed you! hugs, rachel

Nicole said...

my friend, you are indeed the flip to my flop, lol...thank you for always being just a google chat away!

=) xoxo

Heather said...

damn, i'm jealous. :-P

Houston said...

Dear Emily,

Where is the love?

Just teasing, I don't have a picture of you either, such a bummer, next show we must remember to take pictures!