Monday, September 22, 2008

looking good through the years

click on the picture to get a much larger and therefore MUCH better image of my fabulous face :)

i got this off of kendra's blog. i think i look pretty good in 1964 :) i like 1956 as well. 1974 wasn't a good year, something happened to my chin. i think the website is, you have to take a headshot and load it into their system, then you can make it fit the faces by making it bigger/smaller/tilting. it's pretty funny. you'll have to try it out.

i've been busy with a bunch of scrapping assignments that are due by the end of this month. september has been good to me :) but my blog has been neglected. my photography class is going well, our assignment last week involved exposure compensation. i learned that my camera overexposes just a titch. i also learned about a lot of other things but i honestly can't explain it to you. i know i'll gradually understand it all, but right now the only thing i know for sure is i want a lens that costs $500. i am not sure that's why i took this class :) this week's assignment focuses on shudder speed. should be fun! here's my black on black picture, the EV compensation was exactly what it should have been.

and my white on white is a little TOO white, thus i learned about the over exposure issue...


Laura said...

Um, I just lost a half hour of my life on that site. :) I will have to post my pics on my blog tonight. I'm thinking I should go blonde??? :P

Julie said...

Some of those pictures of you are kind of scary. I am glad you never really looked like those. When I took a photography class years ago, the main thing I learned was that I wanted a zoom lens. Funny how that happens.

Mary Kay said...

But 1994 is a real photo of you, right?

*Paula* said...

phoey, it won't work on my 'puter. Can you just imagine the hours I would waste on that site? I shudder to think of it.

And I'm so with MK. That is funny, funny stuff!

ducky said...

hey, em in an afro. nice. like your evil twin or something from a '70s tv show.

btw, I'm carefully avoiding the yearbook site. I've seen it linked a few times and I know I'll be there for hours once I go.

hasta manana chica banana