Thursday, April 30, 2009

a wire basket and how goes the self portrait taking?

i finally finished wrapping all my ribbon onto clothes pins and into my new wire basket that i got antiquing. i have a picture of the old storage system, but i think i deleted it... i have this great new photo organization system and i have a sinking feeling that that particular photo didn't make it into the system. oh well. imagine jumbo ziploc bag, the 2.5 gallon size, crammed with spools, cards, and loose ribbon pieces. now imagine this:

so happy with how it turned out. it took me about 4 hours to get all those wrapped, and i had a friend helping me for 1 1/2 hours on tuesday while we visited. so i guess it took a bit longer. but it's so efficient. i've already had reason to test it out, and dang it was easy to find what i needed. i love it when i'm efficient.

i wanted to share some really cool examples for my self portrait challenge. if you go to flickr and search self portraits, there are many groups on there that you can search for inspiration. lots of really creative ideas for composing and cropping your photos. you can see a lot of interesting things on flickr, i didn't find too many inappropriate shots, but just be warned. click on the mosiac to see a larger version.

1. First Offering, 2. VI., 3. her eyes are homes of silent prayer, 4. Put some windex on it ;), 5. night arrivals, 6. Untitled, 7. DSC_1089 try 2, 8. me, 9. Untitled, 10. yet another self-portrait, 11. oak lid, 12. flying the white flag of peace is not what it used to be., 13. the girl in the mirror, 14. Inside me, 15. Self Portrait 15/52, 16. Status Report, 17. Turquoise Cowgirl, 18. barn bunnies., 19. 365.244 - Soulmate, 20. Suburban Coot

a while back on a self portrait thread, tina cockburn shared this link. check it out.


meganklauer said...

Yummy ribbon and great storage idea!
Pic done, layout done...yay! Now to remember to link on Saturday! :0)
Thanks for the fun challenge!

Mary Kay said...

Uh oh... have I shown you the Ribbon Ring?

arleigh said...

love the ribbon! hey I did a self portrait on my blog too! hee hee

Houston said...

Love those ribbon spools, it's not only great organization but also fantastic eye candy! Working on the photo, really I am, just don't like any I've taken so far.

Julie said...

Soooooo very much better than the bag! It looks awesome :)