Thursday, June 11, 2009

mac, poor mac

tonight will be first night it's been away from me in the 1.5 years i've had it. it was having kernel panics, and something about corrupt processor showed up. levi, the mac genius, said that wasn't a good sign, but he'd be sure to take good care of my sweet mac while it was away. a few things to be replaced and then hopefully it will be as good as new. i just want to thank my friend a for insisting i purchase apple care when i bought mac. i can sleep easy tonight.

mac being gone means no pictures for a while. i did "a day in the life" photo project today, kind of an interesting way to look at the day. and i got all the way to this point, remembering to take a picture every hour or two. i'll share when i get mac back.

can you tell i miss it? i've become a snob. a PC just doesn't have the same allure. poor me. poor mac.

in other news:
i bought my ticket to orlando today :) i love going to CHA!


Ayesha said...

i wish one day i could come join you over there at cha we hope to plan a visit to usa next year so you never know i may be close by!!!

Christine said...

My imac is sympathizing... :)

Wish I was going, will miss seeing you!

vtpuggirl said...

Long time no chat?! We should talk soon. Questions about CHA. Sorry about your Mac.

bcre8uv said...

I'll meet you at the foot massage station in Orlando! hee hee


em said...

i have to send mine it to get fixed, too. i'm dreading it.

Vee said...

i can relate had to take mine to mac heaven, thank goodness it is working now! :) first time ever having a problem with in 5 yrs!