Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ode to my boy

this is my take on the OLW challenge word of "joy." the picture comes from outtakes of our attempts at passport photos, it's classic ethan at the moment. when i heard what the word was, i began my hemming and hawing process of finding a story that would tie to the word. lots of hemming, a bit of hawing, and then i noticed e was playing this song on the piano. i began to think back and realized that he plays that song A LOT, even though he passed it off months ago. so i went and found annie and asked her which song e played all the time. she had the same thought. i found kelly and he said, "that one that he plays over and over, faster and faster." thus, this informal survey :) it took me far too long to finish this, but it makes me happy.


em said...

LOVE this layout. Might be at the very top of my faves for you!!

meganklauer said...

Like I said over at SC...WOWSER!!! Love this!!!

Jennie said...

i am so happy you have a blog too! :) amazing talent you have! really!

can't wait to investigate your blog more! :)