Wednesday, August 5, 2009

opa! and behind the scenes reveal night

more on dinner. it was that good. here's a photo of the crew taken by a lovely greek man. it's fuzzy because i can't stand the thought of removing my 50 mm lens, so you'll notice right down the middle is crisp and clear, but the rest of us are out of focus--exactly what the 50 mm is supposed to do :) not great for group photos though. anyway, we have ashley , emilie ahern, paula gilarde, myself, mary kay, and tina cockburn. we'd planned on going to a mexican place, but thanks to the helpful GPS, we never made it. and i'm glad, this was far more entertaining and tasty! we walked in and there were paper napkins ALL over the floor. every so often the music gets louder and the dancing around the room begins and the waitstaff throws up handfulls of paper towels, it's quite the sight.

whilst waiting for our meal, someone at the table casually pointed our attention to the bar, "dude, there's a lady wearing a princess leia slave outfit over there!" in turn, each of us would casually glance over and wonder at the reasoning behind wearing said outfit to a restaurant, of all places! well, princess leia happened to be the greatest form of entertainment i've ever seen while eating out, she was the most incredible belly dancer, she even gave us a show with numerous fire spewing objects, while standing on a table. i took back and disparaging thoughts by the end of her first performance, i would never be able to do what she does! it was incredbile! she did pull me up to do some belly dancing, but since i was doing the belly dancing, i never got pictures, everyone else at the table did, so maybe someone will send me one :) i know there's a couple of videos out there, mary kay posted her's on facebook, but i don't know if you can access it unless you're friends with her. i'll see if she can send it to me... but for now, here's the fire dancing.

here's a shot of paula, with the paper napkins on the floor. quite the atmosphere!

after dinner, studio calico had it's reveal night, so tina and i headed to the conference room where the action was happening. the pictures are not great, lighting is always an issue for me on reveal night for some reason. black and white helps a little bit...

cute tina:

pril typing up a storm:

greg and april concentrating on numbers:

scarlet concentrating on numbers:

lorie blogging:

stephan, concentrating on numbers:
you might surmise there was a lot of concentrating on numbers. i think we were all just tired :) it was fun to visit and look at paper samples though.

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vtpuggirl said...

The SC crew looks intense for sure! Thanks for the congrats. For what it's worth, I thought your entry was awesome, and your altered project amazing! I was really hoping you'd be on that list. Hugs.

Stacey Michaud said...

These are so fun! Wish I saw your name on the AC list! But no matter what, you rock! Good to see you and Paula at CHA!

Mary Kay said...

It's on my iPhone, so after I synch again I'll try to send it to you!

Heather said...

seriously wish i could have been there for the belly dancing... ;-)