Thursday, September 10, 2009

so behind

it's been 2 weeks since the studio calico reveal of the september kit, cotillion, and somehow i've failed to get my layouts posted. so here they are, in all their glory, with a few explanations behind each one, since i know someone likes that. ;)

i'm trying to scrap at least one old picture every month. when i found this one of very young us, i couldn't resist. according to the date on the back, we think we must have been going on our first official date, to see the lighting of temple square in salt lake. we went to school in provo, so i'm sure we borrowed todd and emily's car and drove in. we were so ga-ga in like at this point, i'm really impressed that i was thinking clearly enough to take a picture :). and no comments on the size of my glasses. it was 1991, big glasses were so very cool. i like this layout, but the black fram and red polka dot continuously shout minnie mouse to me. should have changed that, but i won't now. i tried some paint splattering a la stephanie wheeler, one very talented scrapper, who i like to stalk because she's got such a funky fresh style. i don't think i quite accomplished my end goal, most of the splatters are under the pictures. oh well, at least we've got cute going for us!

fun card, fun stamp, made me laugh when i thought about putting them together because it's SO me. i am terrible at writing thank you cards. i think i'll make a whole bunch of these. i have plenty of pins :) the card was inspired by the one following it, available here on etsy, by sweetbellacards, are they just lovely? there's some matching accessories as well.

not my favorite page by any means because i just couldn't get it to work quite right, this is the second version, which is a bit better, but still not quite what i was looking for. it was such a fun night, the company was delightful, the food was spectacular, the entertainment amazing. i guess that's hard to fit on one page :)

I LOVE THIS LAYOUT! it totally captures the beautiful spirit that is my daughter. i really expected the teenage years to be painful (and i know, i know, i'm not even half way done with them) but i was so wrong. putting it mildly, i'm her biggest fan. just thinking of her puts a smile on my face. she's my willing model, i just love the looks she comes up with when she gets going. this would be one of those looks. she'd just gotten this shirt from kohls and was saying how much she loved it because, well she felt like elizabeth bennett. in our house, after we've watched pride and prejudice (BBC of course), the two of us will walk around for days saying in our best british accents, "oh, mr. daaarcy!" i had tried a couple of times to get this picture scrapped and i was about to put it away again, when scraps fell into place and the sewing machine finished it off beautifully.

saw this bike at cha in anaheim last janauary. had to take pictures. this really has been a dream of mine, but i don't think it will ever come to fruition. but now i have pictures :)

i love paper piecing, i feel like kelly crowe. like the journaling says, our kids really want a dog, we don't. i think this is as close as it's going to get :)
the other favorite. the one that made me giggly and smiley when it was finished. it was inspired by the artwork below it, i wish i knew the artist, but i don't. i found it on this site, one that i frequent because there are some really cool things to be discovered. to be completely honest, when i saw the silhouette stamps, i said to myself, "self, these are so not your style and i'll be a monkey's uncle if you ever use them." (ok not really quite that, but i'm writing this post, so i can embellish my thoughts a bit. needless to say, they stamps did not speak to me. until i saw the art work below. then i knew exactly what to do and this layout is the result. i've never done a "besties" layout because when i read the word, i read "beasties" first. i always have to go back and reread it. but i have some dear friends who were on a besties kick, so i decided to jump on the bandwagon, it fit the journaling space so perfectly. i'm working on a tutorial about how this came together, i'll post a link to it when i'm done.

alrighty then, i'm done posting layouts. next i need to post pictures from our colorado springs trip and first day of school (an event that took pace almost a month ago.), then i'm caught up, although i do have to post some sneaks for the october kit, and write a really funny story that is making itself into a layout right now. so i'm really not caught up, but at least i can check this off my list!



*Paula* said...

Did you forget to publish this blog post or something? Why am I only seeing it now? Because I check. I do. And I didn't see it before. I would have commented and told you that your layouts are all wonderful, especially the last one (even though I'm in the one you're not too fond of, and generally I do like layouts I'm in the most ;) ) Whew!

em said...

love that pin card. love, love, love.
and the silhouettes...perfect!

Penny Smith said...

Great stuff!!
Thanks for the inspo!!!!