Tuesday, October 20, 2009

finding something fun to share

Solar System desktop dark, originally uploaded by Anneka Tran.

in the process of working on my SCT, i occasionally will wander around the internet and find some really fun things. this morning, that is what happened. i was on tumblr and found this really cute wallpaper you can download for free. i clicked on the link. i found the artist's blog. i emailed her. she said of course i could link her. i think she must be delightful. instead of saying "dear emily..." she started her coorespondnce, "hiya emily," anyone who can start a correspondence like that, i like. then i found her on flickr. you can bet i'm bookmarking her, i like her sense of humor. thought i'd share.

now off to download the wallpaper.


Jen said...

Dear anybody is always a bad sign. :)

Julie said...

This is now my background and I love it! Thanks.