Saturday, October 31, 2009

on the ball!

i'm supposed to be working on my lesson for relief society tomorrow, and i am, but i keep taking mini breaks, and this is one of them.

halloween pictures!

ethan planned and executed his own costume this year, i had nothing to do with it. he procured a suit with his dad's help, printed the radiation signs, did up my old camera bag, and bought the mask. any guesses on what he is? i was rather proud of his ingenuity.

annie wasn't going to dress up this year. she was definitely not going trick or treating. but at the last minute, she remembered she had this dress from auntie julia and we whipped up some face paint and a bun, and voila. i know, i know, i didn't explain the role of a geisha girl in japanese society, why ruin something? she and ethan made the rounds of the trunk or treat at church, which thankfully was moved indoors. they didn't make out like bandits, perhaps they should think about a costume change for next year :)

then annie went over to a friend's for a sleepover and kelly came running out to the car to get the camera. this is what i saw when he came back out to the car. totally not planned, but very funny.

tonight neither kid went trick or treating. ethan handed out his toxic candy and annie threw dum dums at the cross country zombie team with aforepictured sumo friend. it was a weird night because it signifies the end of an era for me. ethan assures me that he will go out next year, he just wanted to take a break.

in other news:
we had a huge snow storm on wednesday and thursday. my rack and pinion steering seal broke and my car's in the shop until monday. i got all my errands done today! and now i need to get back to my lesson.

happy extra hour of sleep!


*Paula* said...

LOL - I saw two girls wearing those sumo wrestler costumes and they cracked me up! Loving Annie's costume!

tralina said...

Annie looks fantastic, and Ethan is very creative--and clever. We heard you got 18 inches over there--sorry to hear about your car, and glad you are safe.