Wednesday, October 14, 2009

things to be happy about

To From No.3, originally uploaded by kirkus!.
i made it pretty clear that i was sick the last couple of weeks, yes? being sick gave me a bit too much time to explore flickr. i belong to a group called "crafty packages." people post their creative ways to package things, some really cool ideas floating around. well i found this poster named "kirkus!" that had posted some stamps used for sending packages. i did a little investigating and found they have an etsy shop, and that was the end for me. i had to buy these. aren't they adorable? they are coming from the phillipines in about a week. i am so excited. like i need more stamps. :)
this makes me happy too.

kelly bought me the desk :) i didn't quite keep my end of the bargain, i am still working on getting my scrap space cleaned up. but i was getting worried that some savvy person would snatch this puppy up and i knew i'd never find anything nearly as perfect again. so i fretted privately. kelly came home and said it was mine. i LOVE that man. it sat in the garage for a week before we had time to get it cleaned up and upstairs (i pulled my back out getting it up the stairs), but now it has a home and is being used. it's huge. it has a huge surface on which to scrap. i've had to promise that it will never look like the computer table and my other scrap desk. so far, so good. here are some other things that i love about it:
lovely floral lining, SO 1970s! it's in really good shape and i'm so leaving it in.

pen markings and the maker's tag. i can't find anything on this desk online, but there are descriptions of the same desk–people looking for the same information i was.

a cubby on the left side. perfect for my sewing machine.
the cubby has a shelf that slides out and lifts up, accompanied by the creakiest springs in the world, but it's quite snazzy how it actually works. it's the perfect level for sewing. and when i'm done, back into the desk it goes. perfect hiding place.

it must have been in a school, this has to be a catalog number! i love it.

the whole desk is this honey colored oak, except the top. a lovely laminate, but how perfect is that for scrapping on? i LOVE this desk. it makes me happy.
other things that make me happy:
  • studio calico is not just a scrapbooking kit club anymore! they are going to be releasing their first line of papers and stickers in early november as a manufacturer. you can see a sneak on their home page.
  • annie's choir concert last night. she's in women's choir, it's the beginning high school choir. the one that always goes first in the program so as to get it over with… well last night those girls showed us a thing or two. ronda's daughter lexi is in a couple of the higher up choirs, so ronda and family were there as well. ronda came up to me at intermission and said they were so much better than last year's group, it was a pleasure to listen to them. they were definitely not a beginning choir.
  • fall. we were robbed of a flowerful spring because of a late frost. it killed all the buds on the trees. we had an early freeze this weekend, which has robbed us of the fall colors, but i'm still finding things about this season that just make me happy. even though the colors aren't vibrant anymore, it's still lovely. we had some pumpkin volunteers this year. they are tiny, but i won't complain.
  • my mom. i got to talk to her today and she's the most amazing woman. how blessed i am to be her daughter.
  • ethan. he's home sick today. has the same thing annie and i had, but he's a pretty good sick person. he doesn't whine, just looks at me pitifully. it's kind of nice to have him home.
  • jason's chililicious. the recipe from cathy z's blog. yummy.
  • scrapping with mary kay. i needed to get out, i was tired of being sick or injured. she shared her white bean soup with me and cheered me on as i finished a 2 pager, multi-phot0, old pictures layout.
  • planning for cha.
  • heating pads. for sore backs.
  • playing with SC's november kit. one of their exclusive paper this month has made me a soft ball of putty. and their exclusive stamps are incredible.
life is good right now, you just have to look.


bcre8uv said...

What a great find!

Hard to believe it's time to start thinking about CHA already, huh? I look forward to bumping into you again. Let me know if you want to meet up at the foot massage station. hahaha

*reyanna klein* said...

That desk is totally wonderful! And wow, that inside paper is SO awesome!!! I'd like some scrap paper to look JUST like that! :D *Kinda* looks like that Sassafras piece (that I have framed in my scrap room... LOL).

And your list of happy things. I SO need to do that. You're right... if I just look, there are happy things. I need to look... Thanks for the reminder! :D

And SO glad you're feeling better, Love!

Mandy said...

Those stamps are cool! Love the desk!Glad your feeling better and love reading your happy list!!!Have a great weekend!

lisa truesdell said...

i'm all sorts of in love with your new desk. =)

Marti's World said...

The new desk is fabulous, Em!!!! I love it! I'm glad you are feeling better and were able to get out and scrap with MK. Her new cooking blog has me intrigued. I hope Ethan is up and around soon!

Angela W said...

Cute finds! Sorry your boy is sick, hope he gets well soon! Can't wait to see your November sneaks!

Jill said...

I just accidentally landed here. . . very cool find. Are you aware that your cubby that slides in and out was probably for a typewriter (best I can tell from the pic?) Maybe you are too young to know what a typewriter is?

Rachel Carlson said...

oh my goodness, thanks for the 'blast from my past' - sending you an email to explain....

Tina Cockburn said...

LOVE the desk. There's one very similar to yours just sitting in a hall at my kids' school - I'm tempted to back my van in and pay a few kids a few bucks to help get it in the back. I love that floral-papered drawer. Neat-o!

Feel better soon!!

Tina Cockburn said...

LOVE the desk. There's one very similar to yours just sitting in a hall at my kids' school - I'm tempted to back my van in and pay a few kids a few bucks to help get it in the back. I love that floral-papered drawer. Neat-o!

Feel better soon!!

tralina said...

You were always one to look at the bright side of life--Good JOB! I love the sewing nook--what kinds of things do you sew?

Jenny said...

love your work. love your posts. thanks.