Thursday, January 7, 2010

with my january home front layout

this photo is from a senior photo shoot i did in '08. it was actually my first and only from that year, but it was so much fun! these two are puppy love personified, it's cute. the quote is an indian proverb and i though the little "please leave a message" tag was perfect. they only have eyes for each other. and that's all i have to say, except do you not love how the papers go together? so not what i'd planned, but so stinking cool! oh and, the home front line will available for sale on the studio calico website at the end of the month, don't forget to check back!
one more thing. i didn't have the matching color of stamping ink i needed, so i made my own using maya mist. i'm hosting the SC blog in a couple of weeks, check there for how i did it :)

ETA for jen barksdale: the word hearts is indeed studio calico stamps, the nadiya line to be exact. aren't they a gorgeous script stamp?

ok, so i had a lot more to say. you're right. and i'll end on this note. i'm anxiously waiting for the delivery of the new anthology line from SC. want a peek? click here. i should have it in my hot little hands (make that freezing little hands, it was -8ยบ this morning) by early next week! can't wait to play with it all, it's GORGEOSO!


lisa truesdell said...

love the photo, love the page. and can't wait to hear your trick. =)

meganklauer said...

Great page! Love the design and the colors are awesome!

Jennifer Barksdale said...

i'm in love with "hearts" - is that an SC stamp? the page is lovely!

Jody said...

Everytime time I visit you, I am left dumb-founded by your talent.
How do you do it? :)

Erin said...

love this page!