Saturday, February 13, 2010

seriously neglecting my blog

i believe i over-scrapped myself in january.

therefore in february, i haven't actually made anything completely out of paper. i'm almost done with a card, but almost doesn't count now does it? :D

i have been enjoying my family immensely the last few weeks. if you're familiar with the LDS faith, you might know what a deacon and a bishop are. a deacon is the first office in the aaronic priesthood. when a boy turns 12, he's given this priesthood and becomes a deacon. the cool and exciting responsibility that the deacons have is passing the sacrament in church. well, our boy turned 12 on the 14th of january and is now a deacon. lots of new responsibilities and opportunities are now his. and he's so eager and excited to fulfill those same things. it's really rewarding as a parent to see your children love the Gospel because they choose to on their own. other news on ethan, he is digging middle school. the closer to adulthood he gets, the more comfortable he is. we've always said he'll be a great CEO someday. when he has total control of the situation, it's amazing to see what he can do.

and onto the bishop thing. he's the ecclesiastical leader of the congregation. our church is solely run by the members. we have no paid clergy. everyone has a job and no one gets paid (monetary, the blessings from service are unmatched in my opinion). well just after i got home from CHA, kelly was called to be the bishop of our ward here in denver. it's a big deal. we were so blessed that both our parents were able to come out to be a part of kelly's special day. it was a whirlwind weekend, but it was wonderful to spend it with family. and now that kelly's a bishop, he's going to be a little bit busier with taking care of our church family. if you'd like to learn about what bishops do, here's an article that explains a lot of what bishops do.

it's going to be a big change for our family, so we've really been cherishing the small amounts of family time we do have. we went hiking in the chautauqua park in boulder last friday, we're trying to get ready for our big trip to switzerland, we're spending a week in the alps and want to all be in shape for hiking. ethan's notever been one to love hiking, so we thought we'd start now getting the grump out of him. even though there was still lots of slippery ice and snow on the trail, at the end of the hike, ethan was heard to say, "that was kind of fun!" i would share a picture or two, but for the first time in my digital camera life, i deleted them without saving them to my computer. there were no priceless, once in a life time shots, but it still makes me sad that i don't have them. the only ones that were saved from the day, thanks to annie's foresight come from the bathroom at chipotle in boulder. it cracked me up, i have a thing for funny bathroom humor, not THAT kind!

and an update on annie. loves high school. loves the new found interest that boys have in her. nothing for mom and dad to worry about at the moment though, but she's so happy that she has boys to flirt with again. middle school was a big dry spell for crushes she said. she's enjoying seminary and is SO good about getting up every morning. she's loving choir, there were tryouts for next year's placements. she reports that she did rather well. she's been playing church basketball, and i can't for the life of me get a good photo. but i keep trying.

it's been a fun couple of weeks as a family, and therefore, i have not felt the urge to blog. at all.

but responsibilities wait for no man, and i've got a few coming up, so i begrudgingly started to scrap this week, digitally, hoping that would light the fire of mojo-ness under me. it was fun, and i love how it turned out, but it hasn't seemed to do much for the fire. it's a layout about two of my friends i met through a design team we were a part of. they are both wonderful. kerry lynn yeary and natasja verbeek (i can say it right now, nat!) credits can be found here.

and finally, tonight is studio calico's sneak night. you can enter to win the entire anthology line if you leave a comment on the blog. i loved all the layouts i've made with the home front line (did you know it's on sale in the shop now?) but i've ADORED the ones i've made with anthology. i just got the entire collection this week, and i can attest this is one amazing giveaway. so go comment. now.

and come back next week for my own sneaks. i'm working on the project kit right now and am having such a good time. it's not paper. i'm needing that right now. and if you get the kit, you'll be needing this soon too .:)


JennO said...

Look at you going all digi on your bad self. ;D

Sounds like your family is just in the perfect place. Loved the part about middle school being a crush dry spell, that made me laugh.

Happy Saturday!

arleigh said...

did you mean for the elements on your digi page to look like a happy face?

Leslie said...

So excited for all of the changes in your family. It's an exciting season.

I didn't realize you are going to Switzerland! Wow! Can't wait to see pictures and hear about that trip.

Natasja said...

LOL I will check next time we meet :)
It was awesome meeting you Em! Thanks for all the fun on wednesday

lisa truesdell said...

digging the digi, mle. =) and it sounds like you've got lots and lots going on right now - enjoy it!

ArlaMo said...

Bishop!! You must be one amazing woman, Emily. All the Bishop's wives I've ever known are. It takes a great woman to support that kind of calling. (And my husband jokes that he keeps his goatee so he will never be considered...) I'm sure your family will reap many blessings from your & Kelly's service.

goldnuggt said...

Love all of the school type papers available in the line! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Aly D said...

my boys just turned 12 and were ordained deacons in december. so cool to see them mature as they take on that special responsibility. kelly's going to be a busy man, and i'm sure a great bishop. best wishes to your family. so fun to hang with you at CHA, and love the digi!

Anilu Magloire said...

Phew! Lots going on in the Pitts household!
I love, loooved that digi page.

Anne Lorene said...

This is so cool. I cannot believe I found your blog. Please keep in touch. I am in Salt Lake City now, on a temporary assignment. Can we also connect on FB?
Congratulations on Kelly being called as bishop. He will be great!
Anne Cloward

Marti's World said...

Wow, Em! What an exciting time for your family. Congrats on the new calling! That will be a huge change, but your family will be so blessed. Big hugs to you!