Monday, March 29, 2010

helping myself. thank you very much.

a few months ago, i stumbled upon the creation of a lower fat version of olive garden's zuppa toscana. it was all a total accident, but it really did taste like the soup that my whole family loves. only it didn't have any cream or sausage, which i love. cream and sausage, while tasty, does not make my tummy happy. they just don't agree.

after dinner, my ultra impressed family asked if i could recreate that exact same soup. i said OF COURSE! how could i forget?

fast forward.

i forgot.

but i had posted on facebook a quickie version for a friend who'd asked. after scrolling back and back and back, all the way to february 8th. i finally found it. to save myself from doing the same thing in a few months, i'm posting it here, labeling it recipes, and will never have to worry about finding it every again.

i cut up about 6 potatoes and covered w/ enough chicken stock to boil them. once they were done, i added 1 and a half cans of evaporated milk and mashed with a potato masher, not totally mashed, but pretty much creamy. then i added about a cup of diced ham (chopped fine). that's when i noticed it tasted like zuppa toscana. i added a 1/2 stick of butter (which may negate the no cream theory) and i happened to have some kale, so i chopped up half a head of that and added it at the very end. season with pepper. it makes 8 -10 servings. it was yummy.
i'd post a picture, but i don't have one of the soup, so here's one of some potatoes that i found here thanks to flickr.

now if only i could remember that other thing that i KNEW i'd remember how to make...


tralina said...

Ha,ha,ha I forget delicious recipes too--and end up having to look them up in my blog. I love the filing systems and organization of computers! How DID we do it all in college without them?

Julie said...

You crack me up :)