Wednesday, March 10, 2010

saying, "that makes me happy."

it's a phrase i use often. something i didn't realize i said that much until ronda's daughter lexi pointed it out. ronda and i were talking about it yesterday and i decided this morning i needed to record some things that make me happy on my blog. fodder for scrapbooking in the future, you know :)

this video at the bottom of the post (can't figure out how to move it up here ) makes me happy. for many reasons. first i found this song before my sweet husband did. that never happens. he's the music finding guru in our house. but it was me that introduced him to it and he loves it. everyday for the past couple of weeks, he comes home from work and turns this on first thing. he has a habit of doing this with songs, he loves them for a long time then moves on to another. ethan's tired of it already, but i'm totally OK with it. he loves the video too, and made me come upstairs one evening just so he could show it to me. he thought i'd love it because of all the cool typography work in it. he was right, but the fact that he thought i'd love it makes me happy. he knows me well. :)

and my sweet daughter loves it, which again makes me happy. once she'd heard it, she immediately bought it, took it to school, all excited to share her new discovery with her friends. they already knew all about it. here's where the funny part comes in, the part that makes me happy (well, it actually makes me laugh something fierce, but that makes me happy too). she came home all sad and dejected and explained to me how deflated she was that she hadn't been the discoverer of a cool song. i commisserated with her. then her dad got home and she tried to explain the same thing to him.

must add here: we'd been discussing the band, SISTER HAZEL, the night before.

the conversation went kind of like this. it won't be nearly as funny, but i have to share.

annie: dad, the other girls have already heard of "hey soul sister," i wasn't the first to discover it :(

dad: you mean sister hazel?

annie: no, the song, hey soul sister...

dad: no, the band is called sister hazel...

annie: NO DAD! the song (said very slowly) HEY SOOOUL SISSSSTEEEER.

dad: no, annie, the name of the band is SISSSSTEEER HAAAAAYZUUUUL.

annie: DAD, i know! i'm not talking about the band, i'm talking about the song.

mom: (amid gales of laughter) sweetie, she's talking about the song by train.

dad: ah.

i could not stop laughing. say the song, then say the band. they do sound rather similar, just flipped. ethan said he's never heard me laugh so long. kelly said it's the williams in me. that's another story for another day.

this also makes me happy. signs in general and in specific, old signs. looking through my photos, i take a lot of pictures of signs, probably an unconscious effort to record where i've been. i especially like these older ones. and i found a bunch of groups on flickr full of photos taken by other people just like me. that makes me happy.

Ellis Brooks OK, originally uploaded by Chris Saulit.


Angela W said...

Cute! I hadn't heard this song or seen this video before!

*Paula* said...

Know what makes me happy? Somebody I know in CO! :) Have a great weekend!

debbieback said...

i love Train =) thanks for the video !~

Joey said...

love TRAIN and love what you did with the KR kit. I LOOOOVE Kenner Road and kl. What amazing talent coming from the beautiful West Coast. I will soon be back in Utah...very close to CO. Look forward to meeting you some day! Great job!!

Houston said...

Love them, and you, so very much! Their new song "If it's Love" is fab too!