Thursday, April 8, 2010

free photo fun

my friend celeste asked me to help her by making a layout for an article she wrote for ellaments, ella publishing's april issue. the article is called free photo fun (aren't i clever, titling MY blog post the same?) she gave me the option and i chose to use a free online tool called poladroid. i have to admit when i saw her list, i thought celeste, who never makes mistakes, had typed polaroid with a D by mistake. hee, hee. well, no, she did not. it's a real site, and you download this cool little feature onto your computer, drag a photo onto the picture, it will click and make a noise like the picture being ejected from the camera, wait a few minutes, it really looks like a polaroid developing, bit by bit revealing the image, then it makes a bing and your image is done. the colors are slightly off, just like they would be for an old polaroid photo you have from your childhood. it's pretty cool. there's a very shallow learning curve. i think i had to create a file folder for the images, then you can just pull them into your photo editing program, print, and trim. so much fun.
here's the layout i created for the article, featuring my adorable nephew micah. i used studio calico's anthology line and my slice. easy. FYI: anthology will be available for purchase in the SC shop next week! you can bet i'll be linking you up :) i love this line.

go check out the article. there's some fun things you can access online, free to make your scrapping easier and a bit more interesting. and you can see a bunch of examples from other scrappers, like paula gilarde.


*Paula* said...

Ca-UTEness! :)

sillypea said...

I read every word yesterday - great article. And this site is on my to do list when I find the right pics for it.

Lydia said...

This is adorable Emily, love the effect over to check it out!!