Tuesday, April 27, 2010

issuing a challenge

national scrapbooking day is this saturday, may 1st.
  1. the studio calico DT is getting in on the fun and hosting an online chat.
  2. we're also hosting CHALLENGES!
  3. check out each team member's individual blog (links on the right side bar).
  4. get a head-start, but don't post your layouts until saturday.
  5. i'll have a brand new message board post on saturday, you can link me at that point.
  6. you're welcome to combine our various challenges, just make sure you link each of us, so we can see what you've done and enter you into our specific challenge.
  7. a randomly drawn winner gets a $10 gift card to studiocalico.com.
  8. you have until end of saturday midnight MST (and saturday only) to link your creation.
here's my challenge:

i love perusing flickr and tumblr for inspiration. some of the flickr groups i belong to on flickr include typography, design, and crafting groups. my tumblr name is emily g. pitts and i've linked you to my personal page, but you can definitely explore it on your own. whenever i find an image on flickr that i love, i'll link it to my tumblr board so i can find it in the future for inspiration. well this weekend, i'm challenging you to find inspiration from online and use it on a page. this is the inspiration piece i'll be using for my layout, i'll post it on saturday and you can tell me if you can see the inspiration.

ETA: thanks to aline for pointing out that i failed to encourage all to link their inspiration pieces. please give credit where credit is due.

my favorite magazine, scrapbook and cards today will also be hosting a challenge on their blog. you'll have to go check us out on saturday. i'll link you again :)


em said...

that artwork is awesome!!!! :)

ALLE said...

hmm, so does tt mean i could use another person's artwork and put it as 1 of my pages in the scrapbook??:)

Emily Pitts said...

nope aline, it doesn't mean that at all! it means get inspired and then make your own creation. but you do bring up a good point, everyone should link their inspiration source as well. i would never suggest someone take credit for someone else's work! that's not legal :)

ALLE said...

ah, i see:)

thankee alot for sharing!


Penny B. said...

I went through your tagged images and chose one for my inspiration...can't wait! Thinking Tumblr looks pretty cool!