Tuesday, April 6, 2010

musing on easter

•• this is a friendly notification of a religious post ••

about 7 years ago, easter became my favorite holiday. i was the music coordinator at church and had put together the easter program for our sunday worship service. weeks and weeks of practice ended in one final hour were we celebrated the resurrection of our Savior. we had choral pieces, piano solos, vocal solos and duets, violin/piano duets, violin solos, and the spoken word. it was an incredibly powerful service, but my favorite part was when the violinist, all alone, in almost a haunting way played the first verse of the song, "Upon the Cross of Calvary." you can hear it here if you're not familiar with it. in the upper left corner, select words and music, then hit the play button.

when the last notes of that song finished, i had the most powerful understanding of what easter really was. christmas is a wonderful holiday, but it's so commercialized today and honestly, i run around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything done. i don't get as many opportunities to enjoy the reason behind the holiday. but easter is about resurrection, a new start, a perfect start. we don't make it about the easter bunny in our house. we have a small easter basket of candy, it's the one time a year i allow myself to eat a cadbury creme egg. but really, we try to focus on the gift that Christ gave to us in his crucifixtion and resurrection.
he gave us hope.

and when easter falls on the first weekend of april, we get to ponder on His life and gift all weekend, we have general conference, a time where we listen to the prophet and our church leaders. this particular session, i kept hearing read the scriptures with your children. it's something i have struggled with as our family has gotten older and busier. but i'm taking it a little at a time and so far this week, i've found time to read with both kids. it's been a powerful thing. i know it will continue to be something i struggle with, but the whole message of easter to me is i can change and become better. that's why i'm trying.


kimg said...

we don't do easter bunny at our house either. like you said, christmas has already been overwhelmed by cutsie things, i won't give in to easter too. we always watch 'the tesaments' or something similar as a family to remind us of what easter is about. loved this post! (love you scrapbook stuff too).

Natalie said...

We don't do Easter bunny or Santa Clause either, but it's easy to still get so caught up in everything else. Thanks for this post which has inspired me just as much as your scrappy posts do. I really should read the Bible more with my children too. xx