Thursday, April 1, 2010

sketching away

i've been between assignments and so i thought why not play along with kelly's class. i've got so many switzerland photos that would like to scrap so the kids can kind of get an idea of where they'll be vacationing this summer. when i started the swiss vacation album, i decided to do every page on kraft, so you'll see a lot of kraft for the next while. that's ok, i have missed scrapping on this lovely backdrop :)

here's my day one sketch. i turned it into a 2 pager. rather clever title, i thought. :) the strips of paper, fabrips, and twine are supposed to mimic the terraced hillsides. and the title was written in glue, quickly followed by twining. used scotch quick dry adhesive and it works incredibly well. i got the idea from lisa dickinson. if you want to read the journaling, click on the photo and it should pop up.

day 2, we are seinfeld nerds. that's all i have to say. well, that and i tried tina aszmus's technique for adding a thin layer of paint with a credit card. TOTALLY cool. love it. oh, and the viney thing? i saw that in a book i was looking at this morning. i had to use it even though it has nothing to do with the topic. just cool.

not sure why i'm getting underlining. maybe i should stop now. :)


Ronda P. said...

i love your titles...they always crack me up! Very cool layers MLE....i love the rippled paper! & the paint....YUM!

Gretchen said...