Friday, June 25, 2010

scanning a photo a day

over at the WCS blog today, elizabeth suggested another photo project idea that i can get behind. she proposes scanning an old photo everyday. i have a couple of old photos...

here's the first one. it's got to be 1972, a slightly grumpy looking me with a smiling mom and auntie. i don't know specifics of this photo, but i know my mom can fill my in a bit. i love the yellow jumper and jacket, so perfectly 1970s! and it looks like i have a little bitty ring on my left hand. how cute. i had to do some photo restoration on this one, there's a crack in the photo :( my aunt helen passed away a few years ago, she and my mom were quite a few years apart in age, but they were close friends as they got older. she gave my mom the recipe for lemon glycerin lotion that i still use today. it's a bottle of glycerin mixed with the same amount of lemon juice. sounds painful, but it's what keeps my skin hydrated in the dry conditions of colorado.

so there you have it, day one.

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