Wednesday, July 7, 2010

with a card reader

phew. i think our old card reader wasn't compatible w/ vista and well, that's an issue. so i've been uploading photos to facebook, but not too many because my internet time is very short, free wi-fi not a thing en vogue here :) and a daughter with needs to email her friends takes precendence...

we are having a lovely time. saturday was the yodel fest, sunday was church and then a wonderful evening with my scrappy friend hera and her family in kusnacht, just a short trainride up the zurichsee. it was so fun to get to know her better and her family is delightful! the kids got on very well and her husband is very genial as well. thank you so much hera!

monday we again were treated to hera's company as she played tour guide to the tiny country of leichtenstein and austria. it was BEAUTIFUL. we had schnitzel in a castle! delightful. then we said our goodbyes and headed back to our hotel for a quick rest. the evening concluded in zurich's old town area, the kids love it just as much as we do. i think we could spend days exploring that area.

tuesday was a bit rainy, so we changed plans and did a half day in zurich, climbing the tower at grossmunster (google it, beautiful). we then decided to head to st. gallen and took the kids the abbey cathedral and library, both places we'd been in 07. just amazing. the rain finally came, so we decided to take a train to the border and go into germany for kabobs, kind of like a gyro. everything is much cheaper in germany! we found them and then jumped back on the train and headed home. very tired.

today, wednesday was a train ride to luzern, followed by a boat ride on lake luzern. absolutely gorgeous. we thought it might be fun to go to basel and then over the border to france, but we were too tired by the time we got to basel that we just headed back.

it's been absolutely lovely, i'm napping on the trains mom :) and tomorrow we will be touring appenzellerland.

here's a link to my facebook photo album, i'll get it as updated as i can before my time is up :)

until later!

oh, i'm often mistaken as being swiss, yesterday we were assumed to be from holland. so far, we apparently haven't looked like tourists, kind of funny, especially w/ our backpacks. we have camelbaks because water is SO expensive here, we learned to carry it on our backs. crazy.


Marti's World said...

It sounds absolutely wonderful, Em! Funny about the "looking local" story. Mr. C was in Germany (many years ago) and an American woman came up and asked him a bunch of questions in broken German. He stood there and listened until she finished, and then informed her he was American. She was at once both relieved and puzzled. LOL.

Monika said...

I am sooo jealous, Emily. Just hearing you talk about places I've been and thinks I've eaten makes me want to visit Tante Jette in Muenchen and then hop on a train.