Tuesday, September 21, 2010


has it really been almost 2 weeks? i'm so sorry i've been THIS out of it. things really are OK in my world, i've just been busy with a newsletter, senior portraits, and some scrapping that i just can't get into.

i believe that others can act as the hands of God. whenever you feel like you should do something, out of the blue, do it. please. last monday i got the sweetest gift. a man named dave from CA had found my blog when he did a google search for my nana, he'd heard about her passing. he sent me a video he'd made 20 years ago for the ashley national forest service, where both he and my nana worked. he'd clipped out her section and sent it on. it totally turned my sad mood around, now i can hear and see her anytime i want. thank you dave, you are a good man.

last week also meant the release of the crate blog sketch challenge that i contribute to. here's my version. you should go check it out, you have a pretty decent chance of winning either the snow days or school spirit collections. i'm loving all of crate's releases this time around. i misted the background with studio calico's mister huey in sunshine. last year, i'd saved a 10 lb. grapefruit bag and use that as a mask. i love how it turned out. i've been using the mister huey's a lot lately and have nothing bad to say about them, great colors, great coverage. a bit different from anything else out there right now. i love that.

and i thought i'd share a couple of things i found online that just make me happy, like steps to the cha cha.
a chair that inspired a project i'm working on. i printed it off as a reference point and now i keep looking at it, thinking how much i really do like the look of it.


the illustrator cate james. i found her doing a google search for children's book illustrations. i adore her style. she does illustrations, but what i really love are her collages. really love them.

the website picture-book.com  it's all sorts of fun illustrations to just stare at. and someday, if my sister is busy when i'm need an illustrator for my book truman the turtle or marybeth baker, eat your peas! we'll i'll find an illustrator here. although i'd rather use my sister.

and there you have it. a very random post. thank you for your sweet words and prayers. life is good, i just need to find some mojo.


Casey Wright said...

LOVE your layout - it's beautiful!

debbieback said...

what a kind gesture to send that clip on to you !~ will you be demonstrating the cha-cha anytime soon? =D

Mandie said...

emily, that is so awesome that you have that video! love that!
love your layout! so pretty @ colorful!

Keshka said...

Love seeing this insight to your process, Emily!

kinsey said...

i know its a little late, but i'm so sorry to hear about your nana. i can only imagine how emotional it must've been to get to see video of her though :]

ps. your.layout.is.awesome.

Ginny said...

Glad to see you back. What a kind gesture for him to send you the video. I guess there are still really nice people out there. Thanks for the cha-cha, I can't believe it. I was listening to some music the other day & I felt the need to dance. But I couldn't remember how to cha-cha. Now I'll be dancing all over the house!