Monday, October 11, 2010

sending congratulations

my friend angie lucas and her husband were recently very blessed to become the parents of a sweet little girl, keira jane. it's a really neat story, you should check out her blog to read about it.

some friends of angie put together a blog baby shower today. they invited all her friends to post something wise or helpful for the new mama.

it's been a LONG time since i've been a baby mama, so i don't have any suggestions because you know all the rules have changed since my kids were babies :) BUT i do have a book i'd like to recommend. it's one of our favorites because of the very clever rhyming scheme. it's out of print now, so i'll have to get you a used copy angie, but i promise, being a wordy, you'll love it as much as kelly and i do.

good luck, you're going to be a great mama!

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Angie Lucas said...

I LOVE this book already, just because of the title. Thank you for the recommendation! You're the sweetest! :)