Tuesday, November 30, 2010

with eyes shut really tight and fingers in my ears

if i do that, do you think i can just skip december?


bitte schön?

(my german is improving daily. i even know how to add an umlaut. yay me.)

it's not that i don't LOVE the whole idea of christmas, really, i do love the reason the holiday is celebrated, i hold great reverence for the religious aspect of the holiday.  but the whole decorating, writing letters, sending out cards, making goodie plates that fail to make it to the neighbors, and hunting for the perfect gift side of the season absolutely wears me out. i just want to enjoy the time with my family. but i also want to include my loved ones far away, so i need to figure out how to incorporate it all into one nice little package. that's the goal this year. wish me luck. i may need a slight attitude adjustment, i know that. :)

in other news:

1. a great thanksgiving break. my parents and sister julia flew out on wednesday night. the only thing that would have made the weekend better would have been picking up melissa and ryan along with david and hope as well. the food was perfect. brined turkey, yum. fresh cranberry relish, super yum. i was only allowed to take 2 pictures (yay for accidently leaving the camera on sports mode!). sleeping in the basement with kelly, just like old times, except we never did live in a basement apartment, but it still felt like we were all alone. :) shopping at the eddie bauer outlet with mom, too funny. and all at an extra 40% off! photo shoot with everyone on saturday, good times. cold weather (not happy dad), golden light (happy me but instant dark glasses for mom, not good for pictures), and lots of antics (thanks to ethan's unusual talent of making one eye bigger as soon as the camera comes out) made for a delightful 20 minutes. i was pushing my luck, but it was worth it.

2. when is 58% a good thing? when it's your EF and it's been as low as 15-20%, which is not good. EF stands for ejection fraction, how much blood the heart pumps out with each pump. a healthy heart is 55-65%. my heart doc was rather pleased with my numbers and exam. and my blood work was good. maybe i should take my meds every day... darn.

3. practicing "winter wonderland" for 7th grade choir on the grand piano is a huge treat. i sound SO good.

4. mr. mailman brought me a box this afternoon. packed full of SCT goodness. may i strongly encourage you to get this magazine? it goes live on friday the 3rd, along with the release of our first ever calendar. TOP NOTCH. be sure to come back to my blog on friday for a chance to win a calendar... oh and check out the SCT blog starting dec. 10th for 12 days of fabulous giveaways!

that cute munchkin on the cover? my friend marnie's little one. you want to eat her up don't you? you can download the magazine for free on the website: www.scrapbookandcards.com

you ARE going to want to visit the blog EVERY DAY from the 10th until the 21st!

5. i'm the guest blogger at SCT this week. my project for tomorrow makes me very happy. i just love how the whole process happened.

6. studio calico's december kit metropolitan is up for sale. i'll post my layouts very soon, but if you haven't already, i STRONGLY suggest you head over and get that puppy. studio and sass collaborated on a couple of the sheets of paper and i couldn't have loved that kit more because of them. hurry, you only have a couple more days.

7. i found this website today. hello.

8. ethan and i are still biking to school. i can't believe it. just add long johns and i am fine.

i think that's it. i'm going to bed. any suggestions for enjoying the holidays will not be turned away. :) have a good one.


Amy Sorensen said...

Dare I confess: Last year, I skipped the neighbor gifts. I still feel sort of guilty about it. BUT, it just felt like the LAST thing I could deal with. Just couldn't deal with it. COULDn't. So, I didn't! And everyone still likes me (well, as much as they usually do, lol) and no one said anything snarky.

I am finding that if you just go ahead and drop the thing you just can't deal with...everything will still be awesome!

*Paula* said...

hurray for happy numbers! now take your meds every day young lady :)

Keshet said...

SO hard to remember to take meds, huh! I love SCT--won a subscription on Steph Howell's blog last year, and how I'm resubbing!

tralina said...

You always send out the most creative Christmas updates--i thought it came naturally to you! Your parents look great--I hope I hold my looks as well as your mom has--she looks the same as I remember. (Your dad looks great too--he just lost his hair somewhere along the way, which I'm sure he gets grief about) Have a Merry Christmas!

Julie said...

I miss you. Thanks for the Christmas card this year :) don't be a scrooge. Enjoy the season--you don't have to do it all you know :)