Friday, December 10, 2010

conceding :)

december hasn't been that bad. sigh. :)

it's been busy and full, but in a very good way. and i've learned something about myself.

i got all the cards addressed and nearly every one of them mailed (still have to get another book of stamps for the last few cards, so if you don't get your's until next week, don't panic.) i wanted to make the christmas letter into subway art, all the rage now you know. it was really fun to do and if i could figure out how to make money doing this, i totally would. i love doing graphic work, it's very satisfying to me. i sent out the cards that were printed off last year but didn't get sent out. and it was OK. it wasn't the end of the world, i just added "and 2010" under the printed 2009 :). here they are, if you're interested, the images get bigger if you click on them. :)

i found a majority of the envelopes were already addressed from last year (SCORE! see how close i was?) and i had most of the stamps from last year too. one might look at this as an epic failure, but i really feel like a success this year. the cards are done. the tree is up, which is a good thing. it's not decorated, but i have this weekend. i spent a morning online ordering gifts for the majority of my extended family. i spent another day entering all the addresses into the computer address book. i love to handwrite the addresses, but maybe next year i'll print them instead. it's ok. i haven't committed to making cookie/candy plates for anyone, but i'm not opposed to the idea, if the time permits. i found the flannel that will turn into pajama bottoms for the family. i bought it more than 5 years ago, didn't get it done, put it in a box, but this year i feel like i can tackle that. i know lots of people get  new pajamas every year, but i was up to my neck in pajamas after a few years of that tradition, so i stopped. but ethan's jammies are ripped and about 3 inches too short for him now, and mine need some attention as well, so this is the year.  i've attended christmas concerts every night this week except for thursday for the kids. i've watched the first presidency christmas message which helped put things in perspective. i've watched elf. so far it's been a good month. and i've learned the following: 

  1. the christmas letter doesn't need to include what you did in december, it can be written in november or early december. no one really cares if you went to the nutcracker anyway :) (that's why last year's letter didn't get written, i was waiting for all the fun things to be done, then described.)
  2. i am happier when the christmas letter is mailed before the 10th of december.
  3. it's OK to pay shipping when you buy things on etsy. i'd much rather give a special gift and pay the extra shipping than buy from a big box and send all the presents in one box (the benefit of having your family live in the same area). 
  4. childhood memories can make for the shopping of gifts really fun. my sisters are going to LOVE their gifts this year. i think i want one too.
  5. playing winter wonderland--jazzy style--for the 7th grade choir is a good way to catch the spirit of the holiday. you can't play that and NOT feel happy :)

so all in all, things are good and december is going well. i'll stop whining :)

don't forget that today starts the 12 days of holiday giving over at SCT's blog starts today! you will definitely want to check that out! click on the image to head over there.


Debbie said...

Emily...hope your holidays are Fabulous!!!

*reyanna klein* said...

I LOVE your letter! It is the coolest thing I've ever seen! And of course you can make money! You can make those for people for their Christmas letters. Seriously, if I had money this year, I'd hire you to do one for me! :-D How much would you charge, anyway?! ;-)

*Paula* said...

Success! Success!

Lb Scrapgirl said...

i have never wanted to write a xmas letter, but yours gives me inspiration to maybe try it. Just not this year.

Keshet said...

What a cool letter, I love it!

Suzy said...

Best Christmas letter I've ever gotten!

Olga said...

You are so awesome. I miss you and your family. please tell them Merry Christmas from all of us.

Ally said...

Emily - I'd totally pay you to make one of those cards for me! And we don't even celebrate Christmas! It's really really cool!

Julie said...

Now that school is out, it feels like Christmas and I LOVE this time of year!!! I am glad you are conceding :)