Tuesday, January 18, 2011

yep, here i am.

i was told by a good friend that i need to put a little bit of me back into my blog. so here i am, here i am. things that make me happy right now:

  1. buying a pair of cords that actually fit and don't make me look like a sausage.
  2. buying said pair of cords for 70% off. 
  3. knowing there will still be plenty of winter weather to wear said cords.
  4. applying WD40 to my paper cutter arm and having it get rid of the squeek.
  5. learning a bit more about my grandma, realizing that we would have been good friends. 
  6. talking to my mom, who is my good friend.
  7. having a mom that's super willing to do things, like scan pictures for me when i need them.
  8. doing interval training and having the hour go by faster than if i were just walking or jogging.
  9. having good friends that can handle emotional cloud bursts from a typically even-keeled me.
  10. indie music.
  11. listening to my kids practice their respective instruments.
  12. holding hands with my husband.
this is my grandma, delila gardener williams at 18. i think she's adorable. my grandpa thought so too and that is another thing that makes me happy. on the back of this picture he says so.

this is me and kelly. i rarely get comments when i change my profile picture on facebook, but this one must be a good one, i keep getting comments. i love this guy. i'm so very blessed. thanks to annie for the photo shoot. and thanks to ethan for attempting it earlier. :)


clouds shadler said...

pants, working out, music ... these are good things to be happy about :) Yes, WD40 on yer Guillotine was a good idea :D I really like yer grandma's pic, I wish we had pics of my grams ... i'm glad yer doing well and I'm glad I got to meet ya :)

C :)

Monika Wright said...

Nothing is better than realizing how grateful we are to have married our best friend. And yes, that's a great profile pic!

Keshet said...

It's a beautiful photo, Emily--and looks like a beautiful marriage!