Wednesday, February 9, 2011


the temp gauge on my computer says it's -3º right now. i know i'm being whimpy, the rest of the country has had soooo much more of winter than we have here in denver, but brrrrr. i found this picture while surfing tumblr yesterday, it's so very happy, i thought i would share :)

source: surprised love tumblr

i have more CHA musings for you. today, favorite concept:

SMASH*! this is the scrapbook of your teenage years. they provide the fun little unique book as well as stickers and paperclips and such, you provide the memorabilia. it's what a scrapbook used to be. it's easily translated into the scrapbooks of today as well, it's a great idea and i'm excited because i think it might be showing up at SC someday soon. at least i hope it does. click on the link to see more of what SMASH* is, be sure to watch the video on the right side bar. there's a pen that's a pen on one end and a glue pen on the other. um, cool.
source: SMASH blog

bonus, because that didn't take as much time as i thought it would: favorite embellishments! jillibean is knocking it out of the park this show. (jill and or kimber, you lucked out this time because i happened to have all of these on my list, but next time, pretty please might you post the images separately?)

source: jillibean blog

i loving every single one of the corrugated shapes. the picks, well i can't seem to get enough of the butterflies, and happily, i have yet another source! and the bean blossoms :) i love jill's description of how she came up with the idea. an i love the head band summer made. such a cute idea!

source: summer's blog
i also loved lots and lots at maya road's booth. for instance, these little acylic houses? i guess i'm big on the little this show.
source: maya road blog
and even though nik harper threatened to possibly end our friendship, i do like the zipper ribbon flowers...

source: maya road blog

again, the mini thing. how cute are these mini scallops? i get giddy at the possibilities.

source: maya road blog
finally, i thought of these after seeing their cousins at the last CHA, but since i don't have a source for making them, i'll gladly bow out of the race. i'm just glad caroline has the same brain i do. i'm not sure what i'll be doing with these, but i know i'll be doing. :) so very beautiful!

source: maya road blog

on to one last favorite embellishment:
source: margie's blog
they remind me of an 8 ball, except they don't all have an 8 on them :) fun. 

and that's all for today. maybe tomorrow i'll post my favorite alphas...


*Paula* said...

Awesome! I want to know more about the smash books. Great picks!

Debbie said...

zippered flowers. are they for real?! heh