Sunday, February 13, 2011

with a weekend recap

i woke up in the most pleasant of pleasant moods this morning. i like waking up happy. i'm chalking the good mood vibes up to a great weekend. friday night kel and i went to get indian food. i had the most delicious treat called jewel salad: cucumbers, tomatoes (the ripe kind, the kind that actually tastes like a tomato), mint, yogurt dressing, and some kind of sweet spice. yum. if i'd stopped at that, which i could have, i wouldn't have woken up with swollen fingers. but i had to try some of the chicken curry he ordered medium spicy. and it was worth the swollen fingers. i was good and didn't eat too much of it, but enough to retain water the next day.  however, the food wasn't the best part of the night. it was just talking to my sweetie about our future and current states of being. many times a day i'll shake my head at just how blessed i have been to find the very best match for me out there. he's my best friend and i love that we are going in the same direction. i appreciate all the sacrifices he makes for our family. and he's started opening the door for me again lately. i asked him why on friday night. his answer (to remain with me and not to share) made me love him even more. he's a good man (and no, not charlie brown. every time i tell him he's a good man, he'll say, "charlie brown?" goof ball.)

saturday morning was building cleaning. we share our church building with two other LDS congregations, every third month, our ward is in charge of cleaning. the kids got up willingly, maybe not wantingly (ethan's turned into a true teenager who grunts. i had to laugh, he used to be a morning person until just recently. it's kind of cute actually), but willingly, and we got the church cleaned in less than an hour because so many members showed up. usually after building cleaning we'll go out to breakfast (a 4 times a year treat for our family). but this particular saturday, kel had bishop stuff to attend to, so we postponed breakfast. annie and i went grocery shopping and had a discussion about $4.39 deodorant (the kind that she claims smells so very good--my retort is that no one should be smelling your armpits) versus $2.99 for a two pack deodorant (the kind i buy for myself and i know it works just fine). i told her if she wanted the kind that smells so very good, she could pay the overage. she wasn't too keen on that. it's time for her to get a job and buy her own beauty products. she ended up with the $2.39 deodorant that smells pretty good. i love that girl. i'm already counting down to when she goes away to college and it makes me weepy. i still have two+ years. i need to stop counting down and just enjoy.


when kel got home from his meeting we went to einstein brothers. i love the artwork in that place. so very funky. i got the thin bagel BLT (400 calories mom!) and it was a near perfect sandwich. it was just fun to spend time together. it sounds like we've been eating out a lot huh? i'm still not into home preparation mode after being in LA. i did make dinner last night :)

the rest of the day was filled with the normal saturday things, but it was still a good day.

today is my friend ronda's birthday. she's 40. she's testing it out for me. i like have older friends :) happy birthday dear ronda! p.s. i'm really not worried about turning 40, i hear it's a pretty good decade.

and that's it. it's off to church now. hope today is a lovely one for you too!


Marti's World said...

40 isn't so bad...I hit it a couple of years ago and have so far survived it. ;oD The Indian food sounds wonderful - I never have tried it. One of these days I'll drive to Denver and we can go for lunch!

*Paula* said...

Yah, yah, 40's aren't so bad. Not to worry :) Happy birthday to Ronda! Your dinner sounded yummy :)

Debbie said...

i've been 40 for 3 days now. all is well. =)

~Sasha Farina~ said...

gotta love the deodorant debate :P :) thanks for checking up on me. I'm okay.. just not very healthy. but okay :)

Keshet said...

So glad it was a good day! Hope today is treating you well, too:)

Julie said...

I love having younger friends ;) 40 rocks!!