Wednesday, March 2, 2011

smiling a lot.

borrowed from marcy penner's blog

yesterday was a whirlwind, both in my scrappy and personal life. scrappy because i got an email monday night asking me to be a part of the sassafras lass design team. eeeeeek! i have had some scrappy goals since i started working in this hobby:

  1. get published (check first in ST, then SS, then SCT, then CK)
  2. design for studio calico (check) 
  3. design for OA (check)
  4. design for crate (check)
  5. design for sassafras lass (check. WOOHOO!)
  6. be an editor in a magazine (check)
  7. get published in SBE (check. FINALLY, with an added little bonus--shhh!)
  8. get a shot at a cover...
  9. design for american crafts
i have been VERY blessed to accomplish many of my goals. i know that. i was telling my friend nik yesterday that i needed to start setting some new ones, i don't want to run out of them!

i just never guessed i'd really get selected for the sass team. i applied because i knew i'd regret not applying, but i knew i'd be one of hundreds feeling the same way (thanks kimberly and ronda for nudging me, i really appreciate it). i have always loved sassafras, it is so bright and bold and happy. this sort of exuberance initially scares me, but i always end up LOVING what i create with it. i've learned to never judge the papers by my first reaction. i'm always wrong. i had the chance to meet rebecca at CHA and thought i may have blown my chances when i admitted the designs scared me. that was an oops moment. i THINK i ended that thought with how i do always love what i create with the products, but i guess i needn't have worried. thank you for not taking that the wrong way rebecca!

this is probably one of my all-time favorite layouts. it's the subject matter of course, but i love the sass clouds from way back when i first started going to CHA. i won a prize pack at a two peas function. this was before clouds were hot. and they made me happy then, still do. also love this layout because of the strip of denim, recently snipped off my husband's jeans. recycling at its finest!

i'm thrilled to be working with all the girls on this team, lots of ladies that i have admired and looked up to for a long time. some amazing artists! 


and whirlwind personally, not in a bad way, just lots of crazy last evening. ethan had a concert at the high school, playing both cello accompanist boy for the 8th grade choir and show choir boy. he did very well on both points. cello accompanist boy because he hasn't practiced that song here at home much, and did very well (he claims he's been practicing at school), and show choir boy because he's loosing up a bit more with every performance. let's just say his nickname amongst the choir members is "Stiff." but we're so proud of him and the fact that he even gets up there to sing at all. he's a huge ham here at home (how 'bout another H for that sentence?) but when he's performing, he's a little nervous. the middle and high schools had a joint concert for the 8th grade feeder schools.  


truly wow! the 8th graders and show choir really put on a good show and the high schoolers did not disappoint at all. there was so much energy and excitement in that room when the last note died out. they did a number of gospel songs at the end, and i don't care what your religious or non religious leanings, it was hard not to get inspired and pumped up by all that hand-clapping and arm swinging. kelly suggested we all head down to the river and get baptized. hee hee. :)

annie's concert in thursday night, she'll be doing her first solo. it will be for "someday my prince will come" and she's so ready for it. she's got a lovely voice and i'm excited to see her show it off! she was the official page turner last night. the pianist says she's the best page turner ever. she also made it into the elite choir next year (she says it's not that elite anymore, but i'm still impressed). other annie news: still dating ryan, running track, very sore, very tired. and she's working on a chopin valse and a bach piece for a piano competition. 

life is crazy in our house.

but we like it that way.

at least i keep telling myself that :)


dnsvm said...

Aw! Annie's solo is a favorite in our house!! Good luck to her and Congrats on all the good things coming your way! I am waving my Emily flag for you!!

marcy said...

Yay Emily!!!! So excited to work with you! Funny how many of your scrappy goals are the same as mine!

meganklauer said... are amazing! Look at that list. So fantastic! Congrats again on Sassafras! I am SO excited to work with you.

Courtney Walsh said...

Congrats to you, Emily!!! Well deserved. :) How exciting!!!

Mandie said...


Shelley Haganman said...

Congrats!! You will be joining my girlfriend Megan Klauer!! You girls will rock it!! :)

Sabr said...

Huge congrats! You and Sass are a perfect match!!

clouds shadler said...

congrats Emily! This is awesome, great scrap page! luv the torn denim piece! Can't wait to see what you make next!

*Paula* said...

Go you, with your goals. You deserve every little bit of it :) So proud of you. xxx

Monika Wright said...

i'm so happy to read about the whirlwind of goodness at your house. i'm so happy you're reaching your goals. i'm so happy you're happy! have fun with it all!

Aly D said...

yay, so happy for you and your kiddos! have to spill about this SBE bonus thing you alluded to!

Donna said...

so happy for you Emily. Congrats.

ArlaMo said...

Congratulations, Emily!! Your layouts are amazing and definitely deserving of the honor.

Keshet said...

Look at you crossing those goals off your list! You're inspiring me to to dream a little, too:)

Lisa said...

Good on you, girl! It's amazing to see goals achieved, isn't it?
Giving you some applause in Toronto...

Michelle Clement said...

Yay! Congrats on making the Sass team, lovely! (and all that other good stuff, too!). It's such a rad team - I'm excited to work with you, there! he he/