Friday, June 24, 2011

be my thrill

last fall, i was driving to e's school to play the piano for 7th grade choir, listening to KUNC, one of my local NPR stations that plays diverse music (and has a fabulous logo) when i heard this really fun song. i didn't have the luxury of waiting to see who it was singing said song, so i jotted down what i could of the lyrics and ran into the school (on my feet, not with my car, do not worry).

when i got back home (i am one of the few who do not have a smart phone. i know if i had one, i could have done this next bit of fact finding immediately, but i can't yet commit to spending $80 a month at minimum on a plan. i am very frugal. note: i did not call myself cheap.), i googled the lyrics and that is how i found the weepies. it was one of those angels-singing-in-heaven-clouds-parting-to-let-a-celestial-beam-of-light-through kind of moments. the song was called be my thrill and it's a hodgepodge of rhyming deliciousness. i am quite picky with my rhyme. tom jones can not do it. billy joel and sting can. frank sinatra can usually pull it off, but he's had a few epic fails. did i mention tom jones can not do rhyme? just making sure. i do not like rhyming for the sake of rhyming. i do like rhyming that is intellectual and makes you smile at how very clever it is. and the weepies succeed beautifully in that area. 

last week was the pledge drive for KCPR. i am an evergreen partner which means money comes out of my account every month, i don't have to think about sending in a check when my membership is up, and i can feel good about the fact that i support what i listen to everyday. unfortunately it doesn't mean i don't have to listen to the pledge drive. long have i wished NPR could have an alternate channel for those of us who are already members. but alas, that is not the case. 

back to last week. they were doing 20 minutes sweepstakes for a pair of tickets to los lobos/los lonely boys at chautauqua boulder in august. i had entered the australia 10 day vacation w/o luck, but figured what the heck, why not try to win tickets. i'd been lucky many years in the past, winning tickets to a jazz concert when we were in college. so i called, said i was an evergreen partner and wanted to enter the drawing. 

the 20 minutes passed, i figured i hadn't won, so i went to the chautauqua site to see how much tickets were. los lobos/los lonely boys were quickly forgotten when, filing through the list of concerts i saw the above picture. 

be still my heart.

so i bought tickets for kelly and me. and i'm so excited.

fast forward to this week. i got a message from KCRP. i'm the winner of the los lobos/los lonely boys concert tickets. yah. life is grand.

and to make your day, i have some sneaks for you from the july studio calico kit. mind the gap (cool name huh?) goes on sale monday the 27th. i ordered two add ons, pint and flat.

here's a list of supplies that i used (or would work well) with this kit: 
this one is a two pager, so i'll share a sneak of each side. 

uses the mind the gap, flat, and pint

and i'll share two of this one because one was already in the sneak slide show, and i just want to be nice. i used mister huey on a blender pad to make my journaling spot a little more obvious. it took forever to dry, but i love how it dulled the paper just enough to journal on it.

uses only the pint add on

and this one is about my friend's twins. they love me. and they had to move, which broke my heart, but i'm not going to hold that against my friend or her husband because i like them too and would like to maintain open communications with them so i can see the kids when we go to utah on occasion.
uses mind the gap, pint, and flat

another thing to share:

today is the release day for scrapbook and cards today's summer issue. can i tell you how excited i am!?!?!?! i don't have my hard copy yet, but the online issue is fabulous! download here. and did you know you can view it on mobile devices now? all for free? yay!

and finally, i'm hosting the simple stories blog today. you should go check it out, here's a sneak of my project:


em said...

love the weepies. :)
and very cool you won the contest!

Beth Ann said...

Lovely sneaks! Now I need apricot zing - I am close to having ALL the opaque ones! I have never heard of the weepies so am going to go check them out. Wishing you a fabulous time at the concerts! I once won Springsteen tickets and my hubs was VERY pleased with me - being the fan he is of the Boss. Happy Friday!

Keshet said...

Love the sneaks, Emily! And have FUN at that concert!

Amy Sorensen said...

1. I, too, love a good, intelligent rhyme in a song lyric. When the writer readjusts the sentence structure to adjust for a rhyme, however, I just cannot listen to the song anymore!

2. Yay for NPR!

3. Great sneaks!

Kimberly said...

Such GORGEOUS Sneaks...and what a fun post! LOVE your fun filled life and knowing you more! xx

WillieburgScrapper said...

Los Lobos and Los Lonely Boys TOGETHER? That sounds AMAZING!!! The alternate channel for NPR subscribers is a fantastic idea! I turn the radio off for the entire week because I always contribute at the beginning then suffer for the rest of the week. :) Love the patterns on these sneaks- can't wait for full reveal!

Elizabeth said...

Those both will be really good shows!! We have the Weepies album "Say I Am You" and really like it. We're going to The Avett Brothers on Saturday at Red Rocks for our (belated) anniversary and we're so excited. We have to not look at upcoming concerts most of the time because hello, we'd be poverty-stricken.

Ellie A. said...

I had to giggle about what you wrote about the Iphone as I still wouldn't break although I have camera picture envy I can't do it. So much so my little phone is a pre-paid phone. Ha.. Penny pinching is key around here so although I take deep sighs each time I see a cool pic posted w/an iphone camera I just say its ok and grab for my camera! Now off to google this group you mentioned :)