Friday, July 29, 2011

being happy right now

by katie licht via flickr but found on pinterest 
about the following things:

  1. i got a phone call, good news in my family. i can't say yet. but i'm so so happy.
  2. i found starburst on sale for $1.50 a bag. i cleaned them out. we now have candy storage! and THAT'S important, you know.
  3. my daughter is amazing. she's fallen in love with pinterest. i got a bunch of bella blvd. blooms at CHA and she saw them, put two and two together, and whipped this up in 30 minutes: 
  4. she also found a new way to get her hair to go curly and she's very happy because she has her dad's stick straight hair. it never stays curly when she uses rollers or an iron, but this method (found on pinterest) works. i love her enthusiasm.
  5. my husband is the happiest he's ever been in a job. he started a new job two months ago and although there's a lot more travel, it's totally OK. he's loving his new role. having him happy makes me happy.
  6. my son has had a clean room for a whole 2 weeks! he was at grandparents last week and has been at scout camp this week. ;)
  7. i am loving exercising. today i did bench jumps. i'm sure it's high impact, which might not be good, but every bench i passed on my jaunt around the lake, i would jump on and off the bench 5 times. i sure hope i'm sore in the morning, otherwise looking like a crazy lady was in vain. :) there were 15 benches. do the math. 
  8. i can do 11 sit ups and 10-15 semi-push ups now. depends on the day.
  9. my garden is mature enough to allow me to cut flowers for a bouquet. i gave the most lovely one to my friend heidi for watering my yard while i was in chicago. and i still have plenty to enjoy.
  10. i've memorized 3, almost four lines of solfeggieto by CPE bach. i have wanted to learn this piece for a long time, working on it on and off. one of my students showed me this video and i decided if a 6 or 7 year old could do it (granted, she's considered the next mozart), i could probably learn it too. i'm not even going to try to get it that fast. i just want to memorize it. i am not a memorizer, it's REALLY hard for me to do.

and that folks, is a snippet of things that make me happy right now. have a lovely weekend.


em said...

Love that you posted something by Katie! She's super nice and cool! And that song...yeah...I can play it, but at a FRACTION of that speed. That girl is amazing. And go you on the pushups/situps. I tried to do a pushup last was laughable.

*Paula* said...

Love your happy post - it makes me happy :)

Live a Life EXTRAordinary said...

Oh...happy day!!!! :) :) :)
Love this post Emily. I see the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the creativity department.

Kimberly said...

LOVE what your daughter did with the blossoms...perfect! She is so your double too! :)
Can't wait to hear your happy news with your family!