Wednesday, August 24, 2011

with great delight and pleasure

that's the definition of glee. try finding a fun quote that has the word glee in it nowadays and all google comes up with are references to the TV show. so i went the the definition.

studio calico's september kit, glee club and add ons, will go on sale saturday night at midnight EST, unless you're a subscriber, then you can  start ordering at noon EST. this kit was inspired by these pictures, gorgeous stuff huh? pretty fall colors and a slightly vintage feel. love the alphabets in the kits, happy to see so much amy tangerine featured.

there has been talk on the member boards about too much chevron, but since i've been playing with the kit and a couple add ons, i have to admit, i really like the chevron papers. i could have used them on every page, but refrained :)

here's my sneaks for this month, enjoy!

it's a two pager using pep squad and debate team

i used them all (well all the ones i ordered) on this one: glee club, pep squad, debate team, and home ec.  this one was a hard one to do, pretty emotional... i used the inspiration picture from some artwork via  zoe de las casas. i needed some whimsical cheeriness on this page :)
found this from zoe de las casas via and yes, i've repinned it to the dt inspiration board on pinterest. :) because i'm nice like that.

and finally, see? i liked the chevrons :)
uses all glee club, and lots of hand cutting/exacto knifing.
check out the other sneaks on the site, i know a lot of the girls had fun with this kit too.


Kimberly said...

Love all your fun use of the Chevron's! What a great post! LOVE!

Kristin said...

Love love! Great colors :) Love the chevrons!

Curlywiggles said...

Love your sneaks Em and you can never have enough Chevron's in my opinion! Excited about this kit, can't wait for reveal.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I could ever have too much chevron either! LOL

Geralyn said...

Your sneaks are so much fun, Emily!

dalijablog said...

Looks good to me! LOVE all the chevrons you've used and those tiny square photos. Can't wait for the full reveal!

off topic - I was excited to find out in your profile info that you teach piano, I play too! Not so much nowdays though, scrapping took over, lol ;)

g said...

I especially want to see the full image of the page where you are sporting a paper crown. :) Especially that one. But all of them will inspire me to no end. If history serves. :)


Alex Hardy said...

I always love the WHIMSY you add to your pages Emily. Can't wait to see them in their entirety!

Denise said...

I was thinking whimsy was a good word to. Hi Emily. Loving your blog. Can't wait to see the reveal.

Geralyn said...

Em, your layouts this month are gorgeous. The nutella one is my favorite! Love your handwriting. I heard about your decision to leave the SC DT, and I'm sad that I won't see your work each month anymore. I hope you continue to share your inspiring work and I'm glad we are twitter friends :) I'm excited for you and your new ventures!

theelfqueen said...

ADORABLE sneaks!