Saturday, October 29, 2011

it's back!

it may have something to do with the boxes of stuff i packed away in anticipation of pulling out the white carpeting, reflooring with abuse-tolerant cork--you can spray mist on it and wipe it right off, and adding a wall of cabinets to my scrap room to keep my mess organized and contained (this will happen before the end of the year. we are convinced it will). it may have been the break i took from scrapping and blogging. it may have been the back to school schedule we're now fully entrenched in. i don't know, but i'm starting to feel like scrapping again. i've finally got some stories to tell again. that's a good feeling.

it also helps to be looking through your november cocoa daisy kit one sunday night, having it spread all over the bed, your daughter trying to convince you to hand over the pack of doilies so she can make a headband, and your husband comes into the room and says, "i used to eat doilies..." we looked at him with shock and dismay until he explained more. one of those funny things that had to go into the family archives. i love this boy! :)

uses bed & breakfast and homespun plum
and then since i am new to the cocoa daisy family, i thought i'd introduce my family. they'll be seeing a lot of the four of us, might as well start off on friendly terms :) i was going to dress four of the little people up as us, but that just didn't look good. however i kept going with this paper and and lnce i added the strip of ribbon w/ buttons, i knew i'd nailed it. love the glitz alphas, they are vinyl-y, super cool.

uses bed & breakfast
i'll get back to my september stories next week. hope you have a lovely weekend!


jamie long said...

that first layout made me snort!

Monika Wright said...

I always think you nail it!

Donna said...


Cynthia Lloréns said...

Those pages are great !!!
Kisses and huges from Brazil

Kimberly said... your little family doilies convo! ;)
I'm with Monika...YOU ALWAYS NAIL IT!
Lahoove all you do. These creations are just AWESOME!

Mandy said...

LOve love love these!! You are awesome mle!!!Had to laugh about the family convo too sounds like something that would happen here lol.

Denise said...

love these Emily and the first one is so funny. Cork floors sound a lot better than white carpet in a scraproom. I have spray paint on my floor :)

Mel said...

Love the bottom layout - great backing paper and composition.

Kinsey said...

LOVE these Em! I'm adding the "this is us" to my sketchbook for sure...hope you're doing well sweet friend!

xo, Kins