Wednesday, October 19, 2011

sharing september stories (i know it's october)

on to part 2: breckenridge, co

it's about an hour and 15 minutes from our house and we decided to rent a condo for the labor day weekend. i wasn't feeling well the whole weekend, i'd had my achy/fever/chills episode (i think it's chronic mono, it's connected to not getting enough sleep or too much stress), so i really shouldn't have done all i did, but it's not everyday you get to go away like that, so i took ibuoprofen, drank lots of water, and pretended i wasn't sick. not smart. i know.

key lime pie. it's kelly's new favorite thing to make. we got in friday evening and went shopping for groceries. that's one of the best things about renting a condo, you can cook your own food. and kelly could make key lime pie. it's his new favorite thing to make. since then, he's made it like 5 more times, perfecting his ingredient list and technique. lucky for my diet, that phase is over. :)

i don't have many pictures because all day saturday was spent at peak 8, riding the alpine slide as many times as we could. see, because of my heart failure i'm on meds that block the adrenaline receptors on my heart and others that keep my blood vessels nice and open. my heart doc said he has no idea what would happen w/ me and a roller coaster, but he strongly cautions me to not find out. kelly thinks i'd pass out. this is all sad, i am not fun to be around at an amusement park because i get kind of mopey. i LOVE roller coasters, especially the wooden variety. i very much miss riding them.

a few years back, we went to winter park and rode the alpine slide there. i was hooked. it's pretty close to a roller coaster speed wise, you don't get the sudden dips and drops, but the experience is close. so when we decided to escape for the weekend, we knew the alpine slide in breck would be on the list for saturday. poor annie wiped out her first time down. she's going to have scars on her arm, she bit it pretty badly. that curtailed her times on the slide, she was gun shy after that. and ethan was kind of grumpy, so we ended up going home for a nap and then kelly and i headed back w/o the kids. we hit the slide a total of 8 times that day. the first half of the day we had long lines, but the last 4 times we rode, we crammed them all into an hour. it was great! it's a spendy day pass and kelly and i made sure we got our money's worth!

here's a video, thanks to someone with the foresight to video tape and then share it on youtube. this is not me, but this is the slide. totally fun. totally fast. and you should wear long pants and tennis shoes if you ever do this, annie's injuries were pretty nasty.

we also did the gold coaster, there was a girl in front of me, so i couldn't go fast. again, sad for me. between the two, the slide wins hand down.

sunday was a rest day. i wasn't doing too well, probably had something to do with how much we did on saturday. so we rested, i took a jacuzzi bath, and we watched a lot of TV.

on monday we rented a tandem bike and rode the trail around lake dillon. again, ethan was kind of grumpy, so we didn't get as far as we'd like to have gotten, but it was a fun day nonetheless. i didn't take a lot of pictures again, but here are some to give you a feel of the day, it was gorgeous!

kel and annie trying to skip rocks. not too many flat ones there.

ethan, being grumpy and not coming down to the lake.

the lake, and one of the peaks. and the rock stack that i accidently knocked over soon after this photo was taken. i rebuilt it, don't worry.

one good thing about a tandem bike, the one in the back doesn't have to have her hands on the handlebars and can take a picture or two. but it was kind of tricky to get a decent shot... oh well.

and that was our weekend. very fun.

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Denise said...

Emily I don't have heart issue but would never go on a roller coaster!! I am sorry you can't and want to. The alpine slide looks like fun though :)