Monday, November 28, 2011

sneaking amber snowflake

had a great thanksgiving with my parents and sister here from utah. now i am going to curl up in my bed and take a nap :)

but i'll share my cocoa daisy sneaks for december's lovely amber snowflake kit. i got one add on, cocoa & marshmallows. love the exclusive stamp in the main this month, it's the gorgeous embossed snowflake in the lower left pic.

i am almost done with the christmas shopping for the kids and kelly. just have to get the extended family presents done and mailed. hoping to enjoy the holidays a bit more this year, i don't like the rush.

how do you approach this time of year? give me some ideas on how to simplify.



Donna said...

Oh my.....I knew I needed to buy this kit. Lovely sneaks mle

Live a Life EXTRAordinary said...

I love my stamps this month. Hoping to incorporate them into my DD album! Happy to read you had a nice vacation with family.

I approach this time of year by trying to get organized and prepped well in advance. I also either buy gifts early (well before the craziness that is "holiday shopping") or I purchase everything online (that isn't handmade). I prioritize the things I most want to do and get done. For me, this year, top my list is keeping up on my DD. If I get Christmas cards out, they can be Happy New Year cards. I'm really just fine with keeping it as simple as possible this year. I also try to get rid of excess "stuff" well before the holidays, knowing full well that new items will be heading in. Definitely plan to continue my thinking into 2012 that for every new item we bring into the house, 3-5 items must go out.
Oh, my! how I've rambled! Doesn't sound too simple as I read this back over, or does it? LOL
Take care you! Hope to see ya real soon friend! :)