Thursday, February 23, 2012


i've been REALLY bad about exercising since i came home from CHA. it always happens. but yesterday i did the fat burn setting on the treadmill and i'm completely amazed that i have muscle tone (not much, but more than i had yesterday) this morning. muscle tone inspires me.

and summer's comment on this pin:

she said, "ohhhh this looks really good Emily :)"

how could i wimp out and not do it?

so i did this today. and no, i didn't invite a friend like they suggest, i wasn't sure i was going to make it through it :)

here's the workout:

20 squats (did just fine)
30 lunges (again, i even lost count and think i probably did more, easy peasy)
40 toe touches (head forward, legs straight, bend down & touch your toes) (really? this is sooooo easy)
50 second wall sit (sit up against a wall, legs at 90 degrees & hold it!) (uh. crashed at 40 seconds)
90 second jumping jacks (did them, but with breaks to breathe after 30 and 60.)
50 second wall sit (had to regroup a couple of times, but made it. barely)
40 toe touches (really grateful for these, but had to take a 10 minute break before i could stomach the lunges)
30 lunges (very hard, but feeling the bulge at my hip with each lunge was motivation to keep going)
20 squats (after another 10 minute break these were fairly easy)

i knew the "shredmill" wasn't in my future (first off because i so do not like gimmicky names, secondly, my legs really were shaking) , so i drank a big glass of water, headed downstairs and did the fat burn setting for 30 minutes on the treadmill. i thought i might fall over the first 5 minutes but then i hit my stride and was even able to run.

i did it.

and someday, i may look like that leg model up there. probably not really, because i have stretch marks on my belly and she doesn't. but if you were to squint...

and tomorrow, i'll have even more muscle tone to motivate. but i think my legs will be so sore, i may just find an upper body workout to reward myself instead of the hour on the treadmill i have blocked out. :)

happy day to you all!


Jackie said...

Thanks for this. My desire to push on in my workouts is waning, and this was a good little boost to power me through the next one.

Keshet said...

LOVE this quote, Emily.. Such a good reminder!

Jennifer Larson said...

Great post, Emily. Loved the image!

Live a Life EXTRAordinary said...

Great post Em! Yay you for working on developing. That "v" to your gastrocnemius muscle in your leg. My boys think I'm goofy because I do lunges up the stairs taking them three at a time and I walk across our upstairs living area doing lunges too. I found that its a great way to get a bit of a workout in amidst my daily chores. I mean, might as well do lunges if I need to get to get from one room to the next anyway, right?!
Love that quote too. Really great stuff! :)
Take care you.