Thursday, March 8, 2012

from peach fuzz to perm

hello! don't forget to enter the giveaway for your own issue of cardmaps today 2 in my last post, it's an awesome special issue combining the talents of scrapbook and cards today magazine and pagemaps. 

i got the greatest email earlier this week from erin of the blog best betties. one of her girlfriends is expecting and erin wanted to show her the design of the mini so she could do something similar with her belly growth (how i wished i'd done that! such a fun idea!) she found me on facebook and asked if i'd posted my maya road mini album anywhere yet. i had not, i'd been avoiding it because i knew it would take a while. and it was grey and cloudy that day, so we had a delightful banter back and forth and i promised i would take pictures as soon as it got nice and sunny again. well, it was a nice and sunny day here in denver, so erin and friend who is pregnant, here you are!

i freeze at the thought of minis, i've shared that with you before :) so ronda suggested i take my page design and just move things around for every spread. easy enough, and this album came together quite easily after i relaxed and played with the following elements:

  • a 3x4 base
  • a punched flower
  • a laundry line of twine cording with clothes pins to hold the picture
  • a zipper trim
  • a wooden button
  • a journaling spot
  • a title 
  • a tag with my approximate age
  • some tape measure trim
  • a picture
i just started moving everything around randomly and wrote a couple of notes about my hair in the pictures and voila! i was done in no time flat. it was actually fun to put together. i use the my mind's eye lime twist line because it's a happy line. i misted the 8x8 binder with some maya mist and made the cover with similar elements. i think it turned out well, despite my freaking out initially. i really should stop that. if you click on the photo, they will get a bit bigger.

hope you have a great evening! tomorrow i've got a side diversion to share :)



j.leija said...

what an awesome idea for a mini! <3 <3 <3 this!

Donna said...

this is brilliant!!!! Amazing M

Lisa said...

I love this!! Along with the line you used, perfect choice!

Sarah said...

LOL! What a fun idea for a mini! I don't know if I could bring myself to do one, though- I've had some pretty scary hair over the years! :)

lisa said...

This has made me smile so much.
The coolest Mini Emily : )

Karen Thomas said...

I love making mini-books! I think the way you have put the photos on pegs on the twine is great. You are so lucky to have photos from every year of your life. My parents couldn't afford the photo developing so I have so few photos.

Monika Wright said...


Samantha Sibbet said...

umm this is awesome, love the puffy perms!

Katie Scott Scrapbooking said...

seriously love that hair do mini book - Awesome!

WillieburgScrapper said...

HI Emilt- I was very gratified to see you swung by my blog a few days ago- thank you so much for your sweet words. I LOVE this mini- greta color, wonderful design and the idea is AWESOME- I laughed- I cringed (but only a little)- I pulled out the family album so I could gasp in horror at my own teenage fashion moments. Thank you for a great post!