Friday, September 28, 2012

hearing the aspens quake at cocoa daisy

growing up i called them quaking aspens. i love the sound they make when the winds blows lightly through them. and then in the fall, they turn such a lovely color gold, it's a favorite memory, being in the mountains, enjoying the time and fall color with my grandparents.

and with that little peek into my childhood, i'll now share my sneaks with you. LOVED this month's kit. i don't know it's my all time favorite, but it sure was easy to work with. i had the need for more red, so i added some paint and stitching. are you like that? you want what you don't have in a kit? :) i loved the date stamp set so very much. i'm not a big stamper, but i used it on every single layout this month. obsessed much? :) lots of rich golden yellow and turquoise this month, super happy, bright and saturated colors. call me happy.


Joy said...

love the penants-Go Aspens!

Patricia Folchert said...

Love your post Emily, I actually named my daughter Aspen for the same reason. I really miss the fall season in Colorado, the Aspen trees were my favorite too. Luckily we get to come visit for thanksgiving, can't wait!