Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pinterest Success

Just had to post this quickly because I love Pinterest successes. I have three for you.

First is photo tutorial from Polished Photo, making your photos lighter and brighter. I have so many photos from Wales that are greyed. Wales isn't known for its sunny days and although we had great weather, it only rained one of the 7 days we were there.

I've not invested the time and effort needed to know how to shoot manually. I shoot automatic and hope I can get a decent shot in my post editing process. I was editing this photo for CHA and had a decent post product, you couldn't see E's face as well, the darks were a little dark, but it was a better shot than the "before" image. I printed it, but I remembered I pinned this tutorial so I went back and tried it. Pretty amazing, huh? So thanks Angie from Polished Photo!

My second success. I had a couple of blog posts I had to do for Simple Stories and WCS, so I double dipped and made some gifts using the end products. I made this wreath for Simple Stories, using this as the inspiration:

And my third success, this star wreath was inspired by this one, and this one, and this one... I used the star pattern from BHG and just started piling them on artistically. It was really fun to put things together and have it turn out so well.

I love it when things work.

1 comment:

em said...

wow that's a huge change in the photo!! cool! i'll have to check it out.

the wreaths are super cute. :)