Monday, February 3, 2014

with thoughts on Pantone and Cocoa Daisy layouts

I think the Pantone color of the year becomes my favorite color three years down the road. I don't like pink. I am not a pink person, but the last year, I looked in my closet and realized I've fallen madly deeply in love with fuchsia. I think I like you it's spelled and how it sounds too. Honeysuckle Pink was the Pantone Color of the Year in 2011 and I was like, "Eh, it's OK, but it's pink." Come summer last year and I had hot pink Converse, a pink jacket, and I'm using it on layouts all I can. So when I saw the the Cocoa Daisy February kit, Color Swatch, I knew I'd be all over it. Not that it was all pink, because it's so not, but if you like pink like I do, you'll be happy because there's enough to feed my obsession. And enough to balance it out. Lots of black and white, lots of yellow, and a bit of green and gold. So why put it off creating until the last minute? I was in love with the kit, but at a point where I'm struggling getting anything done. It's not depression, I just don't have the drive to create right now. I hope it passes soon.  

But I did get these done and I love them. That's my issue. It takes me forever to complete something, but I love the finished product. I'm not sure what that means.

One of my kids' favorite things about Switzerland? The chocolate mix boxes we could get at Co-op. They spent a little more of their souvenir money on them than they should have, but they swear there is nothing near as good here in the States. I knew the heart bokeh paper would be perfect for this story. And while it's a little pastel for me, the black and white and blue make it work. I used the water color paper in the kit, painted it blue and used it as a final mat for the photos. Very happy with it now.

This is Gabriel, one of my nephews. My siblings are just now having children, so it's fun to have some baby photos to scrap again. My sister Julia sent this photo to me, with the title of Kilroy Was Here. When I was a little girl, I had a ceramic Kilroy that you could place over a row of books and have his nose hang down. I think he was blue. I have no idea where he came from, but we thought he was cool. I also thought he was an icon of the '70s. How wrong I was. Interesting history on the phrase, figure, story of this cultural image found on Wikipedia. You should read about it.

This picture, I couldn't use pink, it just didn't work. So you see, there's plenty of non-pink to create with in Color Swatch as well. And how could you not love some gold doilies on vellum? Holy cow, I love that sheet of paper that came in the Palette add on. I ordered it simply for that. And the shell buttons in the main kit? Oh my. How absolutely awesome are they?

P.S. I'm way ahead of the curve with the 2014 Color of the Year. Although I won't paint a room Radiant Orchid or go out and redo my bed linens, I'm going on record as saying I do like purple. In moderation. I don't scrap with it, it's the ugly stepcolor in scrapbooking for some reason, but I do like it in bits. So bring it on Pantone!


Sherry C said...

Love these, and you can definitely rock the pink! "Ugly stepcolor", ha, so true!

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Anonymous said...

The Kilroy was one you painted in art and it was fired and glazed :)It somehow survived most of our adolescence before it broke :) It was blue :)
love ya!

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